Age of Pandora Update Week 3

I’m still working through the world of Pandora! Today I finished Chapter 18 and acquired   mountain men advantage! Woo hoo! This quest has been really fun. I’m still thoroughly enjoying it.  I discovered something whilst reading my map the other day, you don’t have to run to get to travel points, you can walk. The cool thing about this is ANYONE can walk, so you have no excuse for not joining this quest. They’ve given lots of beginner options, so really you CAN do this quest!

Here are a few suggestions for getting through when it’s hard. 

Positive self-talk. This is definitely a huge factor for increasing likelihood of success. If you keep telling yourself “I CAN do it!” “Just a little farther!” Heck, cheer yourself on! You WILL succeed.

Focus on the NOW. I find focusing on the current lap (OR exercise) instead of how many are left, really helps too. I tick off laps/exercises in sets (one set complete of 3 or laps of 10 or 20). I mix it up with the running. One day I’ll make the goal to run 10 laps at a time, then 2 minute rest, or 2 laps as fast as I can, then rest and continue until all laps completed. Other days I’ll do continuous run/walk intervals, run 2 laps,  walk 4 or as I improve, I’ll aim for running more, walking less. I find doing my running/walking first, then sets of the exercise circuit better also. I’m warmed up and ready to go!

Break it up over the day. On days when I do a “job” for x amount of punches or pushups or kicks, etc, I don’t think about the number I need to do while doing them. I keep a pencil and paper handy, then I start. I just do the exercise until I can’t, counting as I go. When I get to a point where I think I can’t do anymore. I try my hardest to do one more. Then I mark down the number I completed. If it’s the goal number, woo hoo! If not, I just mark down +# (whatever the number is)and rest for a few minutes. If my muscles feel totally depleted, I’ll do something else for a bit and come back to it later that day. The ultimate goal, to complete the task that day!

Don’t have complete rest days. Yes, I know you need rest, but one day turns into two, turns into ten. All of a sudden you’re a sloth on your couch again eating cheetos and drinking beer, while watching your favourite reality adventure show,  dreaming that could be you. Just don’t do it. Do something active for at least 10 minutes, EVERY DAY. Period. You’ll thank yourself later. 😉

Remember you CAN do it. You must do it. Or else you might as well give up and die already. Because the whole “point” to life is to always be improving yourself, learning, growing, creating.


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