Age of Pandora Update Week 4


This week has been rough, but I was determined to get through it. Right after saying don’t take days off, I had a way off day. But! I worked out anyway. I didn’t progress to the next chapter (19) until today. Yep,  it took me almost 5 days. We had some traveling come up last minute and it made following the quest impossible. So instead, I repeated chapter 18’s 5 minutes of shadow fighting two days in a row, did part if the distance to the swamps and while traveling, walked just about everywhere we were with my 30 lb, 3 year old strapped to my back. Yesterday I took a total rest day, and promised myself I’d start back on Chapter a day from here on out. So today, I did intervals (6 laps run/4 laps walk) for my remaining 54 laps in the morning. Then just before lunch completed the series of shadow fight moves for my choice of attack the guys. It felt good to be moving again. Woo hoo!


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