Homemade – Yogurt with UHT (Shelf Stable) Whole Milk


For a while I dreamed of making my own yogurt. It seemed a daunting task. Thinking that it would explode if even the smallest outside germ was introduced on an unsanitised spoon or lid, I never ventured forth to fulfill my dreams. Looking back, it seemed such a silly fear. Yogurt is the simplest and most forgiving homemade item I make actually. It’s amazing what a little time can achieve. Below I have compiled a few tutorials I found on the internet, because why reinvent the wheel? These tutorials are well written and include several different ways to make your own yogurt.

Curious? Read on to see how you can make your own yogurt too!

A straightforward tutorial with basic household items, you have on hand or can substitute easily:
Basic Homemade Yogurt Tutorial

A rather lengthy process with lots of extra ingredients, but good for those who choose a dairy free lifestyle, or are the adventurous yogurt type! πŸ™‚
Yogurt with a Food Dehydrator

A video tutorial, using a yogurt maker, for those of use who “ain’t got time for that” reading nonsense. πŸ˜‰
Video Yogurt Tutorial

And finally the easiest method of all, when you just don’t have time for fanciness.. or you’re electricity is out AND it’s pouring rain AND lightning is crackling all around you…. and you need a non electronic, indoor, activity to do with the kids as their homeschooling science AND cooking lesson that day. Oh! Just me then? Hmmm.
No Heat Yogurt Making Method

For those of us who prefer thicker set yogurt. Once you’ve chosen a method above and successfully achieve your first batch of yogurt, follow these suggestions below. I have found, using shelf milk, the most successful option has been letting it sit a bit longer, pouring out the extra whey and/or adding a bit of gelatin.
Thicker Yogurt Options


My most recent method of yogurt making is the following method. I use shelf stable (UHT) whole milk, because it’s what we have access to at the moment. I do not preheat my milk or yogurt, I found that the shelf milk doesn’t need it. I plan on trying out the no heat method above next. I simply measure out a litre of milk into each cleaned out 2lb peanut butter jar, drop in a frozen yogurt ice cube, set 3 open jars in my my yogurt maker, set the timer for 10 hours, cover it with a huge pot and press start. When the timer goes off, usually at night, I just leave the yogurt undisturbed overnight. By the next morning it is slightly warm still, but cool enough to go right into the fridge.


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