3D Paper Fruit Picnic Party


A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this great website called Mr. Printables. At the time I was just looking for some cute printables to use for the girls’ homeschooling repertoire. I found lots of great material here and bookmarked it for later perusing. Fast forward to last week when the theme for BAM’s homeschooling week was fruit and vegetables.
Lately BAM has been really into cutting paper up, so I thought ‘why not work this into an art activity?’. A quick Google search rendered lots of easy to see and cut out 2D fruit and baskets, etc. I’ll probably do another post with those links and whatnot. But I knew AJM would need something more… complicated. That’s when it hit me 3D! We’d recently put together a cool movable 3D T-Rex that both girls really enjoyed too! Another Google search rendered Paper Play Fruit on Mr. Printables!
I’ll probably do another post of us making the printed fruit. As for today’s post I just wanted to share the “fruits” of our labour during our Paper Fruit Picnic Party!
Check out our video of the picnic party.


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