MF Day 1 Complete

I completed day 1 of military fit. This morning I did a wake up and connect yoga session, followed by MF Day 1. I weighed and took my measurements before starting the workout.

As of March 1st:
At 5′ 1.5″
114.5 lbs
32.5 bust
26 waist
34 hips
10.5 arm
19 thigh
13.5 calve

I also took a before pic of my stomach area, but it came out super blurry.

I followed the workout with the calm app session called 7 days of happiness (day 2). I started meditations again Sunday. I recommend starting with their 7 days of calm, then 21 days of calm. Then work on whichever you like for the other 7 days options.

I’ve been also writing in a journal every time I think about it over the last month. It seems to help me sort through how I feel overall in my daily interactions with myself and people.

My shoulders and back are sore from the last two days of digging and I’m super tired. I keep waking up consistently 6.5 to 7 hours after going to bed. I have super vivid dreams and feel like I’m awake all night participating in them.

As far as my workout went, I completed all three sets, but did it amrap style. I kept telling myself “I do this” for each exercise starting set 2 and noticed a difference in how many reps I could do. There were times when I felt like giving up. But I talked myself through it. I feel like taking a nap. Ha!


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