Adventure in Alternatives to Wheat & Dairy – Wheat Free Bread attempt #1

Today I present to you my first attempt at making a bread free of wheat! AJM approved and enjoyed her first ham sandwich in a few weeks, since we took her off wheat and dairy products. I decided, after perusing the GF options on the web, to just make my own dang recipe. I gathered some intel on which flours and substitute gluten things do what and went to work. First I got to work making brown rice, almond and oat flour. Next I perused some recipes and got an idea on a binding agent (eggs and ground flax). I combined my flours and flaxseed, threw in some yeast, salt and sugar and mixed together. Then I mixed th eggs and water and made a thick batter. I poured it into a loaf pan and let it rise for a bit. As soon as it looked risen enough, I turned on the oven and baked for half an hour.

The result? Cake bread!


AJM is currently enjoying it and BAM approves as well! I’ll probably tweak this recipe next time, but for a first attempt, it’s pretty good!


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19 Replies to “Adventure in Alternatives to Wheat & Dairy – Wheat Free Bread attempt #1”

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