Adventures in Fermentation – The Ginger & Turmeric Bugs

Today,  my friend, I am going to let you in on two magical soda making creatures… the ginger and Turmeric bugs! These little bubbling beauties are what you’ll need to begin your soda making adventure!

I have included two of my favourites posts on how to make a ginger bug below:

My Beloved Bakery

Wellness Mama

I have also recently learned,  from a friend in Australia,  that you can use the very same process above with a turmeric rhizome! How exciting is that??

I am getting my hands on some turmeric this week and will be back with an update, once  I’ve gotten my self organised.

In the meantime, go to the store and buy a big ol’ organic ginger rhizome,  some regular white sugar, and start fermenting your new kitchen friend today!

I’m also going to share a few of the many awesome and delicious recipes of soda you can make with your new baby(ies).

Wellness Mama’s Ginger Ale

My Beloved Bakery’s Ginger, Lemon or Strawberry Soda

And for those not ready to take the leap into fermentation, but still would like a soda substitute that’s healthier, with ingredients you can pronounce or imagine as food,  see these great recipe options.

My Beloved Bakery’s Quick and Dirty Soda

She Knows Seltzer Soda

Or maybe you’d like the health benefits of ginger or turmeric supplements.


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