Loomin’ Knit

Recently I decided it was time to teach AJM an add on skill to her ever growing repertoire of home economics type skills.   She already knows how to finger knit, basic embroidery /hand sewing , chaining for crochet (with a hook! ) and some basic cooking. Girl is on fiyah!  Anywho. . .

The latest add on came about because I was searching the internet late in the evening (probably lurking through Pinterest or something) and happened upon an upcycling project for plastic bottles (well basically for any plastic tub, bottle, container , etc) and a cute project for a backpack (using a loom) .

I set to work the next morning and after collecting my supplies:

  • 2 containers (empty vitamin containers a friend gave me)
  • a pair of metal cutters (borrowed from J’s room)
  • a sharp knife
  • a pair of scissors
  • a piece of sandpaper
  • a permanent marker
  • a measuring tape

The rest of the process is a blur of plastic clippings and pieces of sanded plastic, ending with me very happy and two very simple circular knitting looms!!

I spent the morning searching the internet for knitting loom instructions, stitches and patterns and was super excited when I fell upon this thorough and well put together site on ALL THINGS KNIT LOOM!!

AJM really enjoyed learning how to do the basic “e-wrap” knit stitch and happily sat at my desk “knitting” on her loom.

This was a successful lesson and she finished her first “sleeve”  (for a summer dress she now wants to sew) just before dinner today successfully binding off using The Crochet Crowds video. She seems very pleased with her first project .
Later this evening I found a few “spool”  loom projects  and decided to try out Guppy Girl’s adorable Mini Cream pattern.

AJM stayed up a bit late tonight watching me finish up the double scoop version.  She informed me that if I made a few more her dolls could have an icecream party.  I told her she could make a few tomorrow and sent her to bed.
Now I’m off… to figure out some more things we can make . . . .

Teddy bears and Lizards? ?

Oh my !


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