Crochet Owl Eye Mask

I started using an eye mask off and on lately since we live in an open floor plan houseboat and have different bedtimes. I have found it to help quite a bit actually! Anyway my first eye mask was a strip of felt stapled to a strip of 1″ wide elastic. I know super lazy.  Actually I came up with it one night on a spur of the moment and it definitely did the job! So I decided I wanted something a bit more… posh.  

After looking around for ideas on the internet I found this

That was a week ago…. 

Yeah I get busy around here apparently. 


Anyway after an hour of diligently focusing… 

Ok  more like a divided hour over a 3 hour period of my day…. 
I completed one too! 




353 Replies to “Crochet Owl Eye Mask”

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