Chiriqui Grande

Today I went to Chiriqui Grande for some food and fabric. My neighbor drove me in his boat. He likes to leave early, usually he picks me up around 730a. The trip takes approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the weather and today we had totally calm water and brilliant blue sunny skies! It was HOT. Once I get into to town I usually stop at the little restaurant near the dock for a quick breakfast. This morning it was scrambled eggs and these little oval shaped meat filled potato pastries, they look like fingers. Ha! After breakfast I wander around the town with my list, returning often to the boat to drop things off, acquiring all kinds of items. Today was no different. My spoils included a variety of fruit, vegetables, chicken food, chicken for eating and fabrics for sewing. Overall it was a successful trip and I was able to return back home by 130 as planned after dropping off a friend of ours, who came along with me. image

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