Carcanyon Olibander Mantzel

Birth story
Born: 6/6/2018, at 4:20am
3.996 kilograms/ 8lbs 11.65 oz
50 cm/ 19.75 inches long
32cm head circumference
Apgar 9/9

On Tuesday June 5th at 11am my waters began trickling out. I had to out a pad in, and just go about my day. I had been having the same mild contractions for weeks off and on. So this was a big change of pace. I checked baby’s heart rate and all was well. I was 5 days past 40 weeks. I was having the same mild contractions randomly through the day. At around 5pm they started becoming somewhat more consistent and a bit stronger. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle at the time. I just laid down or walked or did whatever I felt best doing. By 9pm they were definitely stronger and more frequent. I was able to breath through most of them. I started feeling very intense and uncomfortable contractions around 11pm. I was in transition for sure and found myself on my hands and knees burying my face into J’s leg, trying to find a place in my mind away from the intensity of each contraction. I found myself in tears sometimes, they were so intense. My contractions were now about 3 minutes apart and coming on strong. I started telling J that I wanted to go to the hospital. He followed our agreement (I told him to make sure I was certain by asking me and reminding me of what I wanted to do). I said I wasn’t sure. At 1am I saw a dark splotch on the towel and asked for a flashlight, there was a clot of blood. I told J to get our neighbor to take me. to the hospital. He left in the pedal boat. My friend was with me and helped me collect my bags. She walked with me to the dock. At one point I was down on the ground overcome with a contraction. I couldn’t find my positive head space anymore. I screamed out with each one. Our neighbor arrived finally, thirty minutes later, around 2a, and my friend loaded me into the boat and we pushed off, leaving J behind to watch the girls. We made it to Almirante in record time, an hour, and I got out and begam hobbling and moaning my way to the hospital. I screamed out in pain with every contraction, fighting the urge to push. Our neighbor ran ahead and told the ER I was coming, they met me halfway with a wheelchair and rolled me in. I was told to get onto the examination table and had my first of two, cervical checks. It was excruciating. I looked down at the pad I had put in before leaving and it was soaked in blood and amniotic fluid. They said that I was fully dilated and told me to stop pushing until they got me into the delivery room. I felt such an intense need to push and was trying not to, it was around 3:15a. They got me into the delivery room and up onto the pushing bed and set up with a heplock all while I’m pushing. I was crying and screaming with each contraction. The nurse was yelling at me to stop screaming and push as if I needed to use the toilet. She was very angry with me for being so inconsiderate of the other people in the hospital and carrying on so loudly. The doctor kept looking at me and rolling his eyes and oozing impatience with me. I kept trying to push, while lying on my back and holding myself up with these joystick like bars on each side of me. It was uncomfortable and made pushing very difficult. I finally felt a very faint sensation like what I thought was the ring of fire, it was nothing compared to the contractions, and knew Baby C was crowning. Though the staff wouldn’t tell me anything. Then all of a sudden, baby was out! I saw them take him over to the warming table and exam him. I asked if he was alive… they wouldn’t respond. I was able to see him though. And he was! He had his eyes open and he was just blinking and looking around. He was purplish and plump and perfect. I began shivering and they put a sheet over me… then had me move to the bed I was stay on for my visit. They wheeled me to the public maternity ward, just 3 beds. They brought my baby along and finally gave him to me. He was so perfect. It was worth it.

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