Apple Pickin’ & A LOOOOONG Drive

Well I woke up today and J was talking to me about when we wanted to leave for the cape.  Finally after some debate we decided to leave right then and there.  So we made a phone call to our subscriber Bill who we were going to pick up batteries from, packed a few things and headed down the trail.  We stopped at one of our forest apple trees on the way, and picked a few apples.  J wielded a medium size stick as a picker, and then finally resorted to hoisting me up on his shoulders with the stick.  I klonked him on the head with an apple or two, by mere accident I assure you!  We finally made it to the car, fresh picked apples in hand and loaded her up, and sailed off into the wild blue yonder, or better known as Dairy Hill Rd to go apple picking in our friends orchard.  The ground was saturated in water from the rains the night before, so my socks and shoes and lower pant legs were soaked by the time we were through.  But we did aquire about 50 really delicious looking apples, that we strategically placed in our plastic bag, arms and my jacket hood!  Treasures in hand we headed on with our trip.  First stop would be my friend SM’s house, who weas nice enough to offer my stuff storage for the weekend, since we needed the car space, and I haven’t unloaded all of my sewing stuff from camp yet.  Call me lazy, but you try hauling a 50lb sewing machine 3/4 of a mile up a dirt road on your back and then get back to me.  Well J would probably be the one to do it anyway, but still!  That’s hard work!  Jeesh! 🙂  So we unloaded my things into her garage and closet and headed over to the local Home Depot for some deck finisher.  I decided I needed some fast food nourishment so we stopped at Wendys and got some tastyness to go.  Then off to meet our subscriber in MA, make a new friend, and get some awesome gifts from him! After a few short hours of driving we finally made it to Bill’s and headed in to see what he had to offer us, a great wealth of knowledge on all things electrical, as well as a sweet workshop setup and a coin operated video game system!  A couple of hours later, I was feeling smarter already, I had learned all about electric car motors, computer operating system functions, battery life spans and effectiveness, and electrical output measuring devices.  So we continued on our way to our final destination, The Cape.  A quick stop to fill up at the local gas station, grocery store and chinese food restaurant, our gas tank and bellies full, we wandered into the night down the endless highways.  Our last stop came at the 24hr “free coffee” rest stop!  That was probably the highlight of the late evening since they give away free fruit, cookies, chips, hot chocolate, juice and best of all J’s favorite the Boston Creme doughnut!  Well we finally made it a few hours later, wiped out and ready for bed, I am slipping on my PJ’s now and crawling into bed…good nite.