Age of Pandora Update Week 4


This week has been rough, but I was determined to get through it. Right after saying don’t take days off, I had a way off day. But! I worked out anyway. I didn’t progress to the next chapter (19) until today. Yep,  it took me almost 5 days. We had some traveling come up last minute and it made following the quest impossible. So instead, I repeated chapter 18’s 5 minutes of shadow fighting two days in a row, did part if the distance to the swamps and while traveling, walked just about everywhere we were with my 30 lb, 3 year old strapped to my back. Yesterday I took a total rest day, and promised myself I’d start back on Chapter a day from here on out. So today, I did intervals (6 laps run/4 laps walk) for my remaining 54 laps in the morning. Then just before lunch completed the series of shadow fight moves for my choice of attack the guys. It felt good to be moving again. Woo hoo!


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Age of Pandora Update Week 3

I’m still working through the world of Pandora! Today I finished Chapter 18 and acquired   mountain men advantage! Woo hoo! This quest has been really fun. I’m still thoroughly enjoying it.  I discovered something whilst reading my map the other day, you don’t have to run to get to travel points, you can walk. The cool thing about this is ANYONE can walk, so you have no excuse for not joining this quest. They’ve given lots of beginner options, so really you CAN do this quest!

Here are a few suggestions for getting through when it’s hard. 

Positive self-talk. This is definitely a huge factor for increasing likelihood of success. If you keep telling yourself “I CAN do it!” “Just a little farther!” Heck, cheer yourself on! You WILL succeed.

Focus on the NOW. I find focusing on the current lap (OR exercise) instead of how many are left, really helps too. I tick off laps/exercises in sets (one set complete of 3 or laps of 10 or 20). I mix it up with the running. One day I’ll make the goal to run 10 laps at a time, then 2 minute rest, or 2 laps as fast as I can, then rest and continue until all laps completed. Other days I’ll do continuous run/walk intervals, run 2 laps,  walk 4 or as I improve, I’ll aim for running more, walking less. I find doing my running/walking first, then sets of the exercise circuit better also. I’m warmed up and ready to go!

Break it up over the day. On days when I do a “job” for x amount of punches or pushups or kicks, etc, I don’t think about the number I need to do while doing them. I keep a pencil and paper handy, then I start. I just do the exercise until I can’t, counting as I go. When I get to a point where I think I can’t do anymore. I try my hardest to do one more. Then I mark down the number I completed. If it’s the goal number, woo hoo! If not, I just mark down +# (whatever the number is)and rest for a few minutes. If my muscles feel totally depleted, I’ll do something else for a bit and come back to it later that day. The ultimate goal, to complete the task that day!

Don’t have complete rest days. Yes, I know you need rest, but one day turns into two, turns into ten. All of a sudden you’re a sloth on your couch again eating cheetos and drinking beer, while watching your favourite reality adventure show,  dreaming that could be you. Just don’t do it. Do something active for at least 10 minutes, EVERY DAY. Period. You’ll thank yourself later. 😉

Remember you CAN do it. You must do it. Or else you might as well give up and die already. Because the whole “point” to life is to always be improving yourself, learning, growing, creating.


This post and website contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using any of the links you see here. Even if you purchase something other than what is advertised in the link/banner, I will still receive a percentage if you purchase by clicking my links first to shop on their website. Thanks in advance for helping support my family and our adventures!

Age of Pandora Update Week 2

wpid-20151122_091915.jpgTomorrow I begin chapter 8 of the fully immersive fitness quest,  Age of Pandora.  Is it fun? Yes! Is it a walk in the park? Absolutely not. Would I recommend it to a friend trying to get back in shape in a fun challenging way? Definitely!

I’ve been successful at doing a chapter a day, even with being mildly sick (I caught a cold!!). The workouts seemed fun and doable for the first few chapters. Then the running portion began in Chapter 5.


First I was uncertain how I would manage with running, having not done any in years! But surprisingly my body is handling it well. A tad bit sore, but nothing that is stopping me from achieving my goals.

Figuring out where to run was the next challenge. After investigating our 100m land wharf,  I was happy to see a 20m section free and clear!!


A few quick calcutions and I was ready to start my first day of running. Thinking the wharf is made of soft dirt, the decision to not wear shoes made sense to me. However, after stepping down onto a rock or random bit of concrete, I slapped a pair of runners on and never looked back.

My feet thanked me for that sound and grown up decision.

The instep of my right foot is slightly bruised and tender to step on still.  Funny enough it just seems to add to the adventure of the whole RPG style fitness quest. I’m running from large unknown monsters and getting a little banged up in the process! Ha!

Even today it was really gloomy and drizzling slightly while I was running. Just as I came inside the house it began storming for bit. The weather seemed to coordinate with the chapter I am on, as it was getting ready to storm in the story as well!.  I’m really enjoying this online/real life fitness quest! I’ve even made it all the way to the Lighthouse on the map! Woo hoo!

And just in case I didn’t get enough exercise in for amy given day, I’ve added swimming and peddle boating daily for kicks. The swimming option,  I’ve measured out an approximate 25m in our private bay. Then I complete a minimum of 4 laps. As for peddle boating, I missed out today, but aim for 15 minutes, at a leisurely pace.

I’m kicking butt and feel like there’s no stopping me now!


This post and website contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small percentage if you make a purchase using any of the links you see here. Even if you purchase something other than what is advertised in the link/banner, I will still receive a percentage if you purchase by clicking my links first to shop on their website. Thanks in advance for helping support my family and our adventures!


Age of Pandora Workout Begins! Day 1

About a month and a half ago, I began a journey to introduce exercise into my life on a daily basis. I was stuck in a rut of sitting on the couch and getting mostly nothing accomplished everyday. It has been affecting my relationship with my family and myself. So I grudgingly took on the challenge of doing exercise daily. I have never been an enthusiastic exerciser. Sweating and breathing heavy, never really did it for me, they still don’t. But I needed to get inside my brain and rewire it somehow to move on from the excuses and maybe, quite possibly enjoy exercising and hopefully my life again.

It took a few minutes of rooting around on Darebee to find the right program (from their totally free website of exercise workout cards!! I love free!) to begin. I knew I needed something challenging, yet not overwhelming and difficult, else I wouldn’t stick to it. I found the foundation program to be the perfect starting point for me. Then I started it, that day and somehow made it to the end. I would like to say everyday I succeeded in doing my exercises, but that would be a lie. I skipped a day or two at the most after working out continuously for 4-5 days in a row. This is why it took a month and a half instead of the 30 days it should’ve taken me. But the important thing was that I was doing it! I did it! I achieved my goal.

Now instead of turning back to the life of the couch, I decided on my next course of action a week ago, so I could have all my materials and mind ready to begin Today! I downloaded the pdf for the program I’m following during this 30 days, Age of Pandora, so I can’t use the excuse of crappy internet to skip days. Because this time, I’m challenging myself to not only exercise daily, but to not skip days.

So here I go! Will you join me?


Move My Body March!

My friend K and I have been exercising everyday,  in some fashion for over a month! It’s been exactly 38 days for me and around 34 for her,  she started a few days after me.  Both of us have  noticed a difference in our bodies, in a good way, and today I decided to share with you what we’ve been doing!  So here is what our week generally looks like.  We just started using workout cards last week.  They are really fun and a great way to change it up without having to think too much about it.  On Saturday or Sunday one of us will pick the Playlist for each day and get the videos we use that week organised. 

We work out EVERY day. Even our rest days are active. This was the easiest way to get on board with the habit of exersing. I work out before I eat anything, I find for losing fat,  this works the best for me.  K generally works out with me via our text messenging service, but sometimes life happens and she gets hers in during the afternoon nap time (she also has young kiddos). Our active rest days are Tuesday and Saturday. These are the days that work best for us.  Sometimes if we’re feeling extra energy one day,  we’ll do a quick cardio boost video in the afternoon.

A regular day looks like this:
  5 minute Warmup
  5-10 minute Fitness Blender Cardio or  Jessica Smith
  5 minute Cool Down
Level 1 Workout Card
2 minute Abs
10 minutes Stretching (yoga/app or vid)

This routine generally takes about 45 minutes.

An active rest day looks like this:
20- 30 minutes All in one Cardio – Low Impact (warmup/cardio /cooldown)
10 minutes Stretching (yoga or something similar video or app)

This generally takes about 40 minutes.

We aim to do the same amount of conscious exercise even on rest days,  though the intensity is lower on those days.

Like I said this is what works for us.  We use Fitness Blender and Jessica Smith vidoes on YouTube. The workout cards I mentioned can be found here at The NR Project website. They have a lot of great information about eating,  working out and how to use their website. I have a daily yoga app that can be found here. All of the stuff we use is free.

The best advice I can offer if you have difficulty getting started on doing exercise regularly, find a friend and bully them into doing it too! That’s what worked for us! Just kidding about the bullying. But seriously finding a friend you can message with daily and who can hold you accountable is the best tool for staying motivated. Even on my slugish days, I know K is doing the same as me and has the same stresses in her life as I do and she’s doing this journey with me. So pick someone on a similar life path,  has kids around your kids ages( we both have at least two under 5’s at home) or has similar work (we’re both SAHM’s)  and most importantly you can talk to daily (thanks whatsapp for closing the distance gap!)

Remember, believe you can and you will!

Getting in the Groove of Working Out

Today is Day 4 of my personal 21 day challenge and it is now going well. My long time friend Amanda and J are the two people who inspired me to start doing this exercise, vitamin, eating better thing in the first place.  I just wanted to tell ya’ll thanks! 🙂

First I didn’t get much sleep last night because B woke up at just before 3am and didn’t want to go back to sleep for an hour and a half!! Then at 7:30 am, I was woken up to the entire truck shaking (J doing special pushups) and that woke B up too.  Needless to say my day didn’t start out so super.  I was exhausted, dehydrated (it’s been really warm every night), with dry eyes (because to keep the heat down we have a fan blasting all night, but it helps! Yay!) and mildly disoriented (probably lack of sleep).  But I was determined to stick with my challenge.  So I gathered up my clothes and vitamins and electronics in need of charging and headed over to the Dollhouse (the guest house where we are parked) to try and get my day going in a better direction.  I quickly scrambled up some eggs for the family, taxied it back to the truck and went back to the Dhouse.  After scanning through a few ideas for what to do with my workout today, I finally stumbled upon Spark People. It looked like something that might work for me, so I signed up for free using my facebook account and got started.  I haven’t had a chance to look really indepth yet, but it looks like a promising site.  I did the 12 minute Low Impact Cardio Workout to get warmed up and then started their Day 2 Boot Camp Video.  The printable version is really great too if you don’t have streaming video capabilities or just want to reference it later.  After watching the Day 2 video, I got an idea!  I thought, it would be cool to incorporate this into a AMRAP 10 minute workout for myself today.  So that’s what I did!  I stopped the video just before the stretches and made a few adjustments to one of the exercises and added 2 more exercises and Viola!  My very first workout was created.  Here’s the breakdown for those of you who would like to try it.  Maybe I’ll get gutsy and have J video me doing the actual workout later this week.  It was really fun, easy enough for a beginner and made me sweat like crazy!

Dashaina’s Workout #1
AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
10 minutes

One Round Included the Following 6 exercises, 10 reps each:
Wide Leg Squats – 10
Wide Leg Squats w/ Heel Pop and Drop – 10
Pushups – 10
R/L Hip Extension Holding Chair – 10 each side
Knee Huggers – 10
Seated Double Knee Extention with Abduction – 10

I was able to complete 4 rounds and 3 exercises.  It was fun and simple enough for me, a beginner.  I’m now inspired to make my workout for tomorrow!.