Homeschooling on the Cheap

Here is the list of links downloads we use for homeschooling our children. I will add more as we go. Please feel free to message me with any dead links or additional free websites/posts to add to the ever growing list. The point of this list is to give me an easy place to access links we use regularly, want to try or will use in the future.

Multi Subjects

Starfall Expanded

Turtle Diary

Khan Academy

ABCYA (PrK-5th)

Kid’s Know It

ABC Mouse Academy

E-learning for Kids

Brain Pop Jr.

Brain Pop

TSL Books


Starfall Reading

Progressive Phonics

Free I See Sam e-books (printable and pdf)

Free Reading Program

Reading Comprehension Grades 1-5+


Khan Academy Math

Grammar & Writing

Free Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing Textbooks Grade 1-6


Grammarland Worksheets


Nanowrimo Workbooks Multiple Grade Levels

Bristol Academy Grammar Tutorial Middle School and Up

Daily Grammar


Free Spelling Lessons

Computer Science

Free Mouse and Pointer Tutorial

Online Typing Tutorial

BBC Computing



Science for Kids

Planets for Kids

Astronomy for Kids

Cosmos for Kids

Science Curriculum

Mystery science

Fiber Arts

Sewing Lessons By Melly

Sewing Tutorials List

Sarah’s Embroidery Tutorials

Crochet in the Car

Crafty Minx Crochet Lessons

Knitting Tutorials

Quilting 101 (contributed by S. Gregg 😍)


Hoffman Piano Lessons

Piano Nanny

Classical Music for Kids

Music Theory

Music Theory Ear Master Course

Khan Academy Music


Figure Drawing Mini Course

Art Hub for Kids

Draw So Cute with Wenny

Jerry’s Art-o-Rama


Mr. Donn’s Geography


Spanish Lessons



Kids Health

Fertility Friend Charting for Menstrual Cycle FREE eCourse

Physical Education

Physical Education Lessons for Kids


Kid’s Cooking Lessons



Super Kids Nutrition

Meditation & Yoga


I have a lifetime membership that was gifted to us. I love this app and they have a Free Lifetime Membership for Teachers. They have a growing list of guided kids (sleep stories too!) and adult meditations.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

The girls love this program. It’s completely free and engaging.

Free eBooks online

DP Group Bookshare

The membership os free and you must register to see book section. The members quickly fill requests. You may also share your own ebooks. I have found loads of books from this site and requested many as well. A member just recently posted the everything science, geography and astronomy books. They also have many stepping stones random house publishing ebooks.

Free Kindle Books for Kids List

I believe this list is updated automatically.


Podcast for Kids and Family List

Stories Podcast

Story Nory


This Reading Mama

The Measured Mom


If you have any questions or need some guidance, let me know.

Roll and Move! Fun indoor movement for the family!


Hi all!

It’s springtime in Indiana and that means lot of rain and with rain the inevitable…. mud. I have three littles who have a ton of energy which being cooped in the house, makes it for some interesting days.  My oldest, my son Reid (5), asked me the other day if we could play something that would help us move, because moving is healthy… his idea was playing Wii Sports.
After explaining that playing Wii wasn’t moving a whole lot, I decided to come up with a game that would allow us to move together as a family, and I’d like to share that with all of you!
First I had to think of something that would keep their interest and be fun, because we all know that if we’re having fun when we are exercising it is much more enjoyable.  Since my son is 5, he love all things numbers right now.  He is definitely my math kid, so with that in mind I decided our game would include dice because what kiddos do not like to roll dice!  I came up with a list of actions we can do, either down the hall, or standing in place, to get us moving listed by a number 1-6.  We roll the dice to see what activity we will do.  For those that we go down the hall, we decided to do two laps as our hall is only 20 ft. long or so.
I also decided we’d include some actions that we do standing in place, mainly because I wanted to incorporate jumping jacks for coordination work.  For these motions, we are decided to do 8 counts.
What I love about this set up, is you can tailor this to whatever actions you and your kiddos will enjoy.  I picked ours based on what our kiddos can do at this point, and things that will challenge them some.  You know your kiddos best, so sit down with them and come up with a list together.  Moving as a family is a wonderful way to encourage healthy habits, connect with one another, and most importantly have fun and invest in them!



Preschool with Aurora & Tot School with Bellatrix Begins…

For the past month I’ve been scouring the web and downloading lots of PDFs in preparation for starting school with the girls, at home.  I finally decided to begin our trial run preschool/totschool on 12 August.  I’m still working out the kinks of it and the how, when, what’s of the whole ordeal.  But it seems to be going pretty smoothly, all things considered.  If you want to see the girls artwork, head over to their section.  I’ll be doing a seperate post about some of the websites I’ve downloaded packets from or have gotten inspiration, as well as posting all of the packets I used and how they turned out.

Aurora’s favourite activites the first week were leaf rubbings, the indoor archeaological dig and read/write the house.

Bellatrix’s favourite activities the first week were drawing with markers, leaf rubbings and painting with flowers.

What are all these amazingly fun sounding activities you ask??  Below I will do my best to explain them in a bit more detail.

Leaf Rubbings

leaf Rubbing

Leaf Rubbings are exactly what they sound like.  Get a leaf, piece of paper, crayon and a piece of tape or four, for the little ones.  Place the leaf under the paper, tape the paper/hold it down, rub the crayon over the paper where the leaf is located, step back and admire the art you just created.  Feeling adventurous?  Grab a few different leaves.  Rub more than one leaf per page.  Rub with more than one colour on the same leaf.  The options are limitless, well as much as anything is I suppose.

Indoor Archeaological Dig

arch dig

Indoor Archeaological Dig is a fun activity to do on a super hot day, when actually going outside might not be in your families best interest.  You’ll need a box, a substance to dig in (sand, dirt, or in our case…cedar shavings), some small items to dig up, a digging device (spoon, spatula, noodle spoon…my personal favourite), a bit of yarn/string (to mark off the quadrants of your dig, makes it more official looking and introduces mapping to little ones), a marker (to mark N, E, S, W on the flap of the box) and a paper to write down what the little one’s dig up.  Put a few items in the box, cover them up.  Mark off your sections with the string.  Hand the digging device over to the wee one. Explain that when they find something, point to the section and you can tell them which section it is and where they can write/draw it down on their “report”.  You may have to keep reminding them to mark down what they find, but eventually you can let them do it on their own and come back to see what interesting drawings they have for each item found.  Aurora insisted on doing two digs in one afternoon.

Read/Write the House

Read/write the house is a fun activity I found in the preschool packs we are using from and Basically it’s a fun activity to help your preschooler learn their words and practise writing them, while going on a treasure hunt.  You need two lists of words.  The first list you are going to cut up and tape around the house/room.  The second list you are going to keep together and give to your child to use for their hunt.  Aurora asked to do this activity almost everyday, without me prompting.

Painting with Flowers

Painting with flowers is just how it sounds.  Literally, painting WITH flowers.  Head outside with your children, collect a few flora specimen (we did this when we collected our leaves).  Bring your goodies inside and talk about the different flowers you found.  Once you’ve gleaned every drop of knowledge you can from the flower, it’s time to get dirty.  Put various finger/tempra paints out on a “palette” (plastic plate).  Place the plate in front of your child.  Instruct them to use the flowers the same way they would use a paintbrush.  Then step back and watch artwork in action.  Or join in (I did!!) and see how theraputic it can be during a hot day.

Well those are the highlights of our first week.  As I mentioned before, I should have another post up about each packet, where I found them and other activites we did during the week.

Have a beautiful day!


Preschool and Tot School!!

We’ve decided it’s time to start preschool for Aurora and since we are homeschooling, it will be at home.  We began with a test run day today, it went pretty well. I’m going to continue using preschool packs from and see how we go from there. Aurora really enjoyed the little bug packet I made for the “pretty bugs” theme we used today. We did a lot of painting. Three different painting projects. First I traced a butterfly onto brown paper and the girls stood at the counter colouring and painting with water colours. Later, during Bellatrix’s nap, Aurora and I did paint pressing and caterpiller names. Paint pressing is when you paint half the page and press it together to get a neat design. We turned ours into butterflies. Then with caterpillar Names we cut out circles and wrote all the letters of each girls name, the glued them onto a watercolour pInted background. We had fun! After painting we went through the activities in her Bug book that I hand drew and glued together. We even played the little board game I came up with in the middle, very simple. Overall it was a successful test day.