Cheesy Demomix

Demo’s are the funniest thing to me, I mean the things people do and say when you ask them “Would you like to try a sample?”  It still cracks me up, its like people can’t just say yes or no these days, they have to give you their complete philisophical reasoning behind it.  For example, “Hello, Would you like to try a sample?”  the customer may do one of the following:

1. Ignore you, pretend they didn’t hear you and scurry on by like you were the devil incarnate.
2. Look at you, like you speak a foreign language that they don’t and respond with “What? No, no thanks.”
3. Grunt and continue walking by
4. respond with “Um, no, no thank you, I just ate lunch and then took my dog to the vet and watched him get dewormed and the vet told me to come back after he had a bowel movement, then I went to pick up my kids from school and dropped them off at the sitters, so that I could take the dog to the park so he could poop, then back to the vet so he could give a sample, then over to the cleaners while I waited for the vet, so I couldn’t possibly try whatever you are sampling today because I’m allergic, sorry!” (followed with a pretend sad face as they walk away.
5. “Oh yes! I would love too!” Then proceeds to eat everything off of your table, or drops it on the floor or spills it all over the table, or hands you all their garbage when they are finished (as if you were their maid service) or just looks at you dumbfounded that they should be told to dispose of it in the trash bin that is two inches from their feet.

Then we go home.