Community Shared Agriculture – CSA

On the course of making positive everlasting changes in my life, J and I have also discussed making positive permanent changes in our daily use of things life.  Mainly reducing our consumption of conventionally grown, gmo, pesticide filled food and our trash output.

The first thing we have done for the past 3, going on 4 years, is participated in what is known as a CSA, Community Shared Agriculture, at a family owned/operated Organic farm 3 miles from our home,  They are one of many farms around the country and world who choose to offer there products directly to the local population (namely people within their “community”, people/families who live within a reasonable distance from their farm).  While they also participate in several local “Farmer’s Markets”.  The CSA is a way that the community can ensure they continue to thrive and also are able to see where their food is actually grown.  We have really enjoyed the experience of picking up our “share” weekly, starting mid June through mid October, and seeing all the things that go into making food happen.  I encourage anyone who is interested in participating in a CSA to google CSA in my community and see the variety of Farmer’s who offer this in your area.  It is generally less expensive that the grocery store, freshly picked within a  day or two of picking it up and reduces your carbon footprint by taking out the shipping from far away.

A lot of farmer’s also offer meat, egg, juice and milk shares.  Just ask!