Compostable Floss?? Yay!!!

We’ve recently looked at our trash output and how we could reduce the amount of disposable items we produce from various product usage on a daily basis.  Everything from out toothbrushes to that annoying plastic wrapping around the salad dressing bottle.  It is amazing the things that we throw away into our landfills and oceans on a daily basis.  Actually it is quite overwhelming when you start to think about it!!  So I am going to try to spend time once a week giving you insight on one item we’ve chosen to reevaluate use and find a counterpart that is either reusable on a permanent basis or is compostable/biodegradable.  I am also going to try to discover what actually happens to things when they go into the landfill and how they end up effecting our environment.

This week we chose FLOSS.  That’s right, the kind you use for your teeth, hopefully, after/before brushing them.  Since I don’t know of anyway to “recycle” floss, I thought, hmmm….wouldn’t it be great if there was an organic, biodegradable/compostable version?  And I found it!  Several companies offer various interpretations of reducing packaging/trash output caused by flossing.  Some offer a completely organic, compostable silk floss, waxed with a plant based alternative.  Others offer a compostable packaging or cute metal reusable containers and refills.  We ended up choosing the Organic Silk option, offered by Radius.  I wish they offered a reusable container with refills, but the good thing is the plastic container is recyclable, although a #5, but there are many places recycling that number these days.  So far the floss is great!  It is easy on my gums, works really well and gives us piece of mind when being thrown out.  I actually think it works better than its non-biodegradable counterpart!  For those of you interested you can find the various types of floss mentioned above at the sites listed below: (this is the cheapest site I’ve found and the biggest amount (55yds for $2.35).  I actually ordered from a different place and found this place today! So I will definitely be ordering from them next time!! (here is the link for the refillable container floss!!)

Hope this helps you in your search for reducing your carbon footprint.


  1. Unknown

    I keep a small plastic floss container at my desk that I found and liked, and manually refill it from a larger one in the bathroom. I love the idea of using silk, though, and will shop for it at the local health nut stores. Thanks for the tip!

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