Craftiness and Other Non-Perishable Items

Today was craft day for my group of awesomely cool females! It was at my friend SM’s house. She super crafty now that I’ve introduced her to the world of sewing machine madness. JM also joined us for Crafty fun with her newborn son who is totally the cutest baby EVER!! We started around 1p. I got there a bit late, oops! But I brough tasty snacks and everyone was happy. J came along too and sat in the living room working on our computers. Mine has been acting up lately and needed to be reformated and have all the programs and OS reinstalled. He is so super for taking care of that. I hung out in the kitchen with the other ladies, talking about babies and crocheting with each other, SM worked on her tote bag present that she is making for her friend. JM and I just crocheted, JM is working on a baby blanket, its super cute and very soft! Well anyway we sat around chatting about that and life and what is new in our lives, since last we all got together. SM is working full-time and seems happy about the money, but well the rest leaves her in want I think :). I hope she finds something she loves doing again, I just want to see her happy. JM seems totally happy with her baby and her new found “stay at home mom/wife” status. She’s so cute and calm and loving to her little one. We told her over and over that she is such a good mom. I can see her having like 5 kids one of these days. I just filled the girls in on my new blog and vids and my new found craftyness hobby Crocheting. Not much else really going on. Did you know that babies cannot see farther than 8-10 inches when they are born thru the first few weeks? And they only see black and white!! WOAH! that was cool, I didn’t know that, I just learned that today! Baby G (that’s JM’s baby son) is at the age where he can now see 12-24 inches, man its really cool how much babies are still growing outside the womb! Okay well anyway so craft day was super fun, SM got her bag all finished, except the lining and I think JM is on the finishing edges of the blanket. Me, I didn’t get much accomplished, but I was too excited to see my friends, that it really didn’t matter anyway to me. So now I’m just uploading vids and questions and answers stuff…then left over potroast and brown rice for dinner, mmmmm….see ya later.