Directions to Bocas del Toro


We are located here in the Bocas Del Toro Province of Panama, near Loma Partida.

We suggest flying from your country of origin to one of the following airports:

❤ Tecumen International Airport – PTY                                         (located in Panama City, Panama) 

❤ Juan Santamaria International Airport – SJO                          (located in San Jose, Costa Rica) 

When flying into Panama City, we recommend finding a morning arrival time.  This will allow enough time to get to the regional airport or the regional bus station, mentioned below.  If you are only able to secure later day arrival times, be aware you may need to spend one night in Panama City.  Please plan accordingly. You may visit our accommodations page for information on how to book hotels/hostels in Panama City.

* We recommend using when searching for airfare. We are an affiliate and by booking your travel through the link provided we will get monetary compensation, which helps us continue to have this amazing adventure! Please contact us if you would like assistance with arranging flights.

**Once you’ve arrived to one of the airports listed above you may proceed to choose from the traveling options listed below**

Options from Tecumen International Airport (PTY)

Below you will find two options for traveling to the town of Bocastown on Isla Colon. The first option is for those of you who are short on time.  It is significantly more expensive ($117 pp one way), but is only a short flight (usually around an hour).  The second option is for those of you who are flexible with travel time and looking for a significantly less expensive option ( $27 round-trip.  This is a 10 hour air-conditioned, overnight bus to Almirante and includes the 30 minute shuttle to Bocastown).  The bus has the added benefit (for those who can only find a late flight arrival into Panama City) of being a “free” hotel, since the bus runs later than the airplane options.  The buses run through 10p, on certain days, but definitely contact them well in advance to get the most up to date information.

The air option is through either Copa airlines (directly from Tecumen International Airport via David) or through Air Panama (Albrook Regional Airport direct to Bocas).  The bus option is located at the Albrook Mall (see link below for more information).  This is a 45 minute (depending on traffic) drive from the Tecumen international airport.  The planes for either airline are small propeller planes that seat approximately 50 people. The buses are air-conditioned (bring a sweater!), cramped, minimal reclined seating and occasionally have a functioning  toilet room.  The only way to book tickets for the bus is in person.  The buses run throughout the day.  If you choose this method, please reach out to the private taxista we mentioned below.  He can help you obtain tickets for a specific time and date well in advance.

If transfer to Albrook is necessary, choose either a shuttle service or our own reliable taxista.  If he is not availble he can refer you to another reliable taxista.  Please message us directly for his contact information. He charges $40 for transfers to the regional airport.  The private Taxista is a wonderful option for those with a party of 1-4.

Airplane Option (Choose one)

Book a flight to David via Copa airlines, then book a flight through Air Panama from David to Bocas. The benefit of this option is you will not need to transfer to the regional airport. Sometimes the price for this option is cheaper.  If you fly United or Copa into the country you will not need to go through customs until you arrive in David, I believe, which should be a faster processing time as the airport is usually not busy.

Take a shuttle/taxi to Albrook Airport (PAC). Book flight with Air Panama to Bocas del toro, Isla Colon.

Bus Option ($27 pp one way)

Take a shuttle/taxi to Albrook Bus Station.  Book overnight bus to Bocas del toro, Isla Colon.  The overnight bus is approximately 10 hours and stops every few hours.

Options for traveling from Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)

❤ Book flight through NatureAir directly to Bocas, Isla Colon.

❤ Book a shuttle directly to Bocas del toro, Isla Colon.
Caribe Shuttle

Directions to The Islands                          from Bocas del Toro, Panama

Whether you are continuing on directly to our islands from Bocastown or have booked accommodations in Bocastown you have two options as to reaching our main island;

On Your Own Option

You may print this map and hire a water taxi to bring you out here. Let them know it is near Loma Partida and do not pay more than $50-60. Agree on a price BEFORE getting into the boat.

With Our Assistance Option

You may contact us at least 2 days prior and we will be happy to help arrange for a boat to pick you up and bring you here, you would be responsible for any boat fees. Our local prices range between $30-60.

We look forward to seeing you here on our beautiful islands!!


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