Hi!  So after traveling a bunch and getting tons of emails asking things like:

-Why haven’t you answered my questions about “insert item here”? 
-Why are there no new videos up? 
-Why haven’t you responded that you received my email telling you all about my sick grandmother, mother, dog or friend telling me how sorry you are even though I don’t know you at all? 
-When will I hear a thank you about the note I sent telling you how you have inspired me to be a better person and live my life to the fullest?
-Even though I don’t know you I want to be your internet pen pal and write back and forth with you every day because we have so much in common and I know you have all this free time being that you just had a baby and all, so I am sure that you have nothing better to do than write back and forth with me every day.

So of course all of the above mentioned topics are totally just generalized and not specific emails, but you get the point.  Well what I wanted to bring to everyone’s attention is the disclaimer, which will now be prominently displayed on my blog, because, I think its important that ya’ll read it. 

Maybe that will help alleviate any bad feelings from my inability to respond to emails, chat messsages or comments in a timely manner. 

And like the line from any bad break up… really, it’s not you, it’s me.

Have a nice day! 🙂