Dreamscapes & Books

I’ve been having vivid dreams lately.  I feel like they are telling me something.  Figuring out what that something is may take time, but I will.  I think I want to write a book and perhaps my dreams are giving me ideas on what I should write.  I don’t know.  Lately I’ve been working on my writing style of my blogs to see what sounds better or worse to the reader.  I’ve been contemplating changing the tense of them or perhaps changing my day to day into a sort of story format, as opposed to just providing you with the facts in a jumble of order sometimes.  My dreams have been providing me with insight into story concepts I might use for my book, they are extremely vivid and almost seem real sometimes, hope that doesn’t mean I’m going crazy? 🙂  Well I am sure it is just due to a very active imagination.  What should my book be about?  Should it be a series of shorter stories?  Should I base a book on each characters perspective?  I have always felt a pull toward writing and have attempted several times to pick up the pen and place my ideas on paper, but have lacked the time or desire to fully complete a project, so I have pieces of stories that over the years have dissapeared.  I think now that I am semi-retired and have more free time I will pick up the pen again, and start something new, fresh, unique?  Maybe I will pick point in my life and events and use them as concepts but change the time and place.  I’ve always been very interested in other worlds and lives that may have been if decisions had been different.  Okay enough of my rambling…what do you think?


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