Getting in the Groove of Working Out

Today is Day 4 of my personal 21 day challenge and it is now going well. My long time friend Amanda and J are the two people who inspired me to start doing this exercise, vitamin, eating better thing in the first place.  I just wanted to tell ya’ll thanks! 🙂

 First I didn’t get much sleep last night because B woke up at just before 3am and didn’t want to go back to sleep for an hour and a half!! Then at 7:30 am, I was woken up to the entire truck shaking (J doing special pushups) and that woke B up too.  Needless to say my day didn’t start out so super.  I was exhausted, dehydrated (it’s been really warm every night), with dry eyes (because to keep the heat down we have a fan blasting all night, but it helps! Yay!) and mildly disoriented (probably lack of sleep).  But I was determined to stick with my challenge.  So I gathered up my clothes and vitamins and electronics in need of charging and headed over to the Dollhouse (the guest house where we are parked) to try and get my day going in a better direction.  I quickly scrambled up some eggs for the family, taxied it back to the truck and went back to the Dhouse.  After scanning through a few ideas for what to do with my workout today, I finally stumbled upon Spark People. It looked like something that might work for me, so I signed up for free using my facebook account and got started.  I haven’t had a chance to look really indepth yet, but it looks like a promising site.  I did the 12 minute Low Impact Cardio Workout to get warmed up and then started their Day 2 Boot Camp Video.  The printable version is really great too if you don’t have streaming video capabilities or just want to reference it later.  After watching the Day 2 video, I got an idea!  I thought, it would be cool to incorporate this into a AMRAP 10 minute workout for myself today.  So that’s what I did!  I stopped the video just before the stretches and made a few adjustments to one of the exercises and added 2 more exercises and Viola!  My very first workout was created.  Here’s the breakdown for those of you who would like to try it.  Maybe I’ll get gutsy and have J video me doing the actual workout later this week.  It was really fun, easy enough for a beginner and made me sweat like crazy!

Dashaina’s Workout #1
AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)
10 minutes

One Round Included the Following 6 exercises, 10 reps each:
Wide Leg Squats – 10
Wide Leg Squats w/ Heel Pop and Drop – 10
Pushups – 10
R/L Hip Extension Holding Chair – 10 each side
Knee Huggers – 10
Seated Double Knee Extention with Abduction – 10

I was able to complete 4 rounds and 3 exercises.  It was fun and simple enough for me, a beginner.  I’m now inspired to make my workout for tomorrow!.