Halfway through the 2nd Trimester

I thought you guys would like to see the “Bump” photo album, so I’ve included a few links here.  Not much to see yet really. 

From The Bump

So this past week has been pretty activity filled for us, Friday and Saturday I had a trade show (Loggers Trade Show) to work at and it was fun.  I hired two other girl friends of mine to go with me, each on a separate day and it made the time go by nicely.  I got a new job, as I may or may not have mentioned and started April 28th.  It is approximately 5 miles away from our driveway and takes me about 8 minutes to get there, which is super!!  The place is called Sandy’s and it is a little drive up restaurant with window service and a small dining area inside.  You pay first, then get your food.  Its really fun and all the staff members are really upbeat and friendly.  I only work about 20 hours a week at the most and am really enjoying that too!  I usually work the evening shift which starts at 4p.  We close at 7:30p up until Thursday, that is when we switch to the summer hours, which is when we close at 9p.  J comes down to get me from the parking spot when I get home at night so I don’t have to walk up by myself.  We have a friend visiting us from Australia this month and he seems very nice and we are enjoying his company.  He is very helpful and friendly and seems to have common sense in abundance.  What more can you ask for in a house guest.  He made his camp area down a bit from the banana building and is very self sufficient.  My mom bought me almost all of the maternity clothes I had on my wishlists and says I should be getting them this week!  I’m very excited.  The clothes I ordered last week fit pretty well, so I am relieved to know that the things she ordered should fit as well!.  I think I’m gonna spend the afternoon at the laundry mat when everything gets here, washing and drying it all, to ensure that it fits.  The good news is that both sites offer return policies that include free shipping back to them or being able to go to the store and return the items.  Which is really convenient.  I only worked yesterday, Wednesday, Sat & Sun of this week.  But since it is going to rain on Weds, the owner will probably call me and tell me not to come in.  Its really nice that she does that, since it totally sucks having to hike up the mountain in lousy weather.  On Thursday I think we are having craft day at JM’s house.  I just found out SM has the day off and will probably come with me!  Thats gonna be really fun I think.  Now that the weather has cleared up a bit and seems to be getting warmer, I think it will be easier to plan craft days every month over the summer.  Well I think I have some other stuff to tend to.  See you later!  Oh and for those of you who didn’t know, I will be 30 on Monday, May 17th, less than a week away….


  1. DaveAly

    I'm glad you had fun, and thats super cool of your mom, maternity clothes are so expensive.

    Your looking good! I see a little bump! I didn't start showing until like 20 weeks with my first lol, you'll pop soon!

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