Happiness, Inspiration & The Coppertop

Today was really fun… let’s see… hmmm.  Oh right!  Okay so I woke up at 7am as usual, for some reason that is the time by body has decided it has completed its sleeping cycle.  It seems that no matter what time I actually go to bed (could be 10p or 2am) I just wake up at 7am.  Go figure.  So I hopped out of bed a bit later and decided that I would start my exercising again. I tried some exercising last week and my entire body was sore and I was walking around all retarded for 2 days.  J thought it was the most amusing thing in the world, great.  Oh so J found this girl Zuzanna who has an online exercise website, she has all these free vids and information on getting in shape and stuff like that.  Well I must say I was a bit skeptical at first since well if you go to her sight you will understand, I mean could her boobs be any huger or faker??  Well anyway, I tried two of her workouts and was totally dead on my feet the next day, it was great!  I mean not great being dead on my feet, but great that I found a really fun way to stay in shape and it was free!  So I took two days to recover then tried another workout, same results, so i figure either I’m in REALLY bad shape or this girl is pretty good.  I figure since I can do 10 pullups and 15 pushups I can’t possibly be that out of shape, so her stuff must be pretty super!  That was 4 days ago, this morning I decided to give it another try, so I did her Absolute beginners workout and I felt really great and I don’t think I over did it. So now I can stick with it.  Tomorrow I will try it again, but maybe something a bit more intense. 

Last nite J discovered a hole in the top of our stove, so today he needed to make a replacement.  He came up with this plan to cut a hole out of this piece of copper a friend of ours brought up.  Well it worked out super!  Not only did it it really well, but the top actually gets hotter than the sides now on less wood!  I used it tonite to make a smorgisborg of food and everything cooked up really quick.  I must say I am a BIG fan now! 

So I’m sure you are wondering why I called this posting happiness & inspiration…
Well lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails from J’s fans and my herd telling me how inspiring we are to them and it really touches me in my heart that people are so inspired by our sillyness.  I don’t mean that in a bad way. I think it is outstanding and so does J.  I love getting the emails and reading them out loud to J when they are for the both of us.  So that being said here’s my challenge for you!  Go out tomorrow and smile at every person that you pass, if they make eye contact and smile back, say hello to them, maybe even ask them how there day is, time permitting.  After you pass them, stop and think about how you feel now, did your day get a little happier? a little brighter?  Wonder how their day is now?  It is so important that we are realize that we are connected and that we are all reasponsible for our own happiness.  It is amazing to me how many people out there walk around and frown and just don’t see the negative they are pouring out to the rest of the world, and that brings them down further.  So just smile and be happy and the rest will fall into place sunshine….

Goodnite my friends.


  1. Roy

    I had the same initial reaction to Zuzanna you did when I first went to the site, but I watched a couple of the videos and those workouts look hard.

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