Happy Babies & Crafty B-Day Surprise

Sorry its been awhile… I managed to survive the last 3 weeks of working 6 days a week…somehow 🙂  But I will have a bunch of money for the bank next month when I get paid, and that will be worth it then!  So lets see what have I been up to?  Baby J was born on the 21st of October at 3:51a!!  That was super exciting, and I have to say, he is totally adorable!  He weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and 21 inches long, Mamma C was in labor for 48 hours and man did she do a super job.  J and I went to visit the happy mom’s in the hospital around 5p that day, and were super excited to see him, J got to hold him for a bit and Momma C and I chatted about pregnancy and birth and stuff like that.  Momma R is doing really well too and I think is just as happy about the whole ordeal.  I think they are gonna be super moms!  I have some pics, but will probably not post them here without checking in with the moms first.  The next bit of exciting news is the roof is being taken apart and J is at home working furiously away at reinsulating so hopefully by tomorrow we should have a finished roof.  I’ll be heading home early to help out with any lifting stuff J might need.  Today is craft day and SM’s bday!  So after I finish with the laundry I’ll be heading over there to make breakfast and then off to JM’s house to see Baby G and create some crafty duds for Baby J. So I’m gonna head back to the dryers and get some clothes folded…see ya!
So after laundry I headed over to the grocery store to get some breakfast fixin’s for SM’s Bday Breakfast, on the way I called her to see how she was feeling.  Still Blah!  She said she was not hungry and felt really sick still. So I picked up some tea and headed over to get my sewing machine.  She didn’t think it would be good to go to craft day today, since Baby G would be there and she didn’t want to get him sick too!  So I tucked her back into bed and headed over to JM’s house for the afternoon.  I worked on 2 baibeimono’s that I am making for Baby J, they came out super cute!  I posted some pics below.  Around 340p I headed home to help J with the roof, we clipped a bunch of zip ties off and kicked some panels off the frame,, they went sailing down to the ground, it was fun!  Tomorrow we have a ton of work to do.  We’re gonna try and get the roof finished, man its gonna be cold tonite with the top all exposed.  Okay well I’m off to make some dinner, sterno style tonite….sleep well.