Laundro-matic Day & MegaSuper Jumping Blaster

Today wasn’t especially enlightening by any means!  I decided early that I was going to wake up and head into town to do laundry today, since I didn’t feel like making a fire, heating up water, cranking the washer by hand, ringing clothes out, repeating entire process to rinse, and hanging to dry.  So instead I ventured the 2 miles down the mountain and through the town to the laundry mat.  It was great, I just chuck the clothes into the machine, add the appropriate amount of cleaning supplies, and pop in some quarters, and press start, and 25 wonderfully quick minutes later, and minimal effort and I have cleaned clothes that I can then through in the dryer, chuck in a dryer sheet, a few more quarters and 30 super fast drying speed minutes later and I’m cranking out the folding like you wouldn’t believe!  All that and time to spare!  I did 4 loads of laundry, because I like to seperate, washed and dryed in an hour!  Only an hour!  Can you believe it!  WOW!  I mean WOWOAH!  Okay sorry, gets me a bit excited, to know that for under 10 bux I can spend the remainder of my afternoon lounging in the park instead of wringing out clothes for 4, well thats pretty super I think.  Though I must say, I do really prefer the smell of sun dried clothes.  Unfortunately its too heavy to leave them all wet from the laundrymat, and haul them up to the dome to dry.  So you win some you lose some, I think next week though, I’m doin’ my wash at home, then you’ll get to hear and see all about that!  So after the laundry adventure, I wandered home with daylight to spare. Come to find that J has installed our trampoline inside the banana…how cool is that??  So of course I couldn’t help but join in on the fun of jumping around!  It was super and fun and awesome!  Then we headed upstairs and J made tortillas and he even built me my very own tasty tortilla to eat, he took care of the entire dinner operation!  It was really sweet and totally appreciated.  I’m very blessed to have such a thoughtful happy creature to live with…sweet dreams.