Morning Sunshine

Today it was supposed to be sunny… ummm, yea, so anyway. Not sure what is up with these ridiculous meteorologist’s they can’t seem to ever get the weather right. I mean I could probably send my 4 year old out there to give me a better prediction, well if I had a 4 year old, but I don’t, what am I saying I don’t even have a kid, well there is J. I guess he acts like a kid sometimes, maybe I should just start sending him out there to check the weather, hahahaha. Okay yea so anyway. Back to the subject at hand! Oh wait there isn’t one… I’m just cooking breakfast over a sterno, man I love sterno. Oh make sure you come visit me later for updates on sillyness. I’m making fried bologna, eggs and toast, hopefully, not sure if it will get hot enough for that, we’ll see. Keeping my fingers crossed. Its really cold outside today, I think its supposed to get into the 30’s tonite, brrrr. Oh so Ontara still hasn’t written back or called, man I really hope things are okay for her, I mean if she is really where she is and something bad happened, I’d feel awful, but I’m sure she’s just peaced out for a bit, we’ll probably hear back from her like a month from now, some silly excuse, man girls are so lame sometimes. Oh yea, I know what you’re thinking… “well YOUR a girl”, well yea maybe I am, but I’ve been getting better at not being lame and I think I out of all people should be able to call people out on their lameness! Okay bye.