Book Box Club

Welcome to the Summer Book Box Club!!

This summer we have TWO box options — Mini Summer Box and Maxi Summer box.

Below are the details on the boxes and their pricing. Once you’ve decided which size you’d like, please fill out the form below!

All book boxes include economy (media mail) shipping (within the US). Each month, for three months, a box will be shipped directly to your reader(s), you may choose more than one box to go to more than one reader as well. All book box pricing is a flat rate and will include (tax & shipping) for all three months of boxes.

Mini Summer Book Box $60
2-4 books per month ($20 value in books each box)

Maxi Summer Book Box $100
5-7 books per month ($35 value in books each box)

Each box will include a few extra goodies as well, such as book marks, stickers, color pencils, etc. The first box will also include a little summer bag which you may use to create your own summer boredom buster bags!!

After you fill out this book box club request, please send an email to to confirm it was received.

**APRIL EVENT SPECIAL!! Brain Bag’s ($50 value for 1 bag in June) are being offered for $40 each. For more information you must attend the April event in our VIP Group. **

Thank you so much for participating in our summer book box club!