OMG!!! Less than 8 weeks to go…Running like a headless chicken.

Wow! The time has just flown by.  I can’t believe the summers almost over, Baby A will be here in less than 2 months and all of the stuff that has been done at the Dome since my last post.  Lets see…

August started out hot and hotter with light (very light) speckles of downpouring rain…hahahha.  Then it faked us out by getting cool and then hot again.  How lovely the unpredictable weather in Vermont is!  But the good news is that the Rain Gobbler is working great and collecting all the rain it can.  We’ve been using it for all sorts of things, hand washing, dish washing, canning, foot washing, garden watering, etc.  I think J is really enjoying it too, since it cuts down on the amount of water he has to bring up from the spring.

J finished the floor up on the second floor, insulated, wood screwed down and painted so we could move the bedrooms upstairs!  The floor looks outstanding!  My side is spring green and his side is misty blue.  We both have lots of space for all of our stuff. 

I even have a sorta closet in the wall.  Eventually it will be changed so that I have poles and and shelves, etc. 
But in the meantime its pretty super!
I started to make a curtain dividing wall, so that if Jaimie wants to stay up and watch movies and I want to sleep it doesn’t bug me and visa versa. 
August was also the month for J’s family to visit.  His mom & her manfriend came up for a few days followed by his sister, her husband and 2 kids (10 & 14 yrs).  They had not been here in 6 years and it was definitely a treat to show them all the new stuff and improved stuff. 
I was very impressed with how strong his mom is, hiking up and down our kilometer long trail to and from the dome.  She also got us a bunch of new “baby” gear and stuff which was really superoo. 
His sister’s family seemed to have a great time wandering around the forest and doing some tourist stuff in Vermont. 
All in all I would say both visits went by without a hitch. My family will be visiting in September which will also be nice, I’ll keep ya posted.
My tummy has grown leaps and bounds over the past month and I swear has become its own entity.  J likes to look at my belly and say “Oh! I think your bellybutton just popped out!”  but we both know that is not the case and I’m not really sure that its going to. 
 Baby A is constantly moving and started getting hiccups every night for a week toward the end of the month.  Its so funny when it happens all I feel is a rhythmic Thump-Thump-Thump-Thump.
My last day at the drive-up restaurant was in the middle of August, it was time (when you can’t scoop hard icecream without help, you know its time!).  I was relieved to be finished working for the summer and to start being able to get my room and baby area put together better. 
I still had 3 food/wine demonstrations to do this last week, but that will be the end of working for a while I think, we’ll see.
Lots of travel and visits in the works for us in September, J is going to Hong Kong, we are going to Cape Cod and relatives are visiting will update you about it then.
See ya!