Seafood Madness & Crochet Hysteria

Today was fun, I woke up at 6:15a!! Hung out in the lounge chair area on the second floor with J, while he played on the internet with youboob and stuff…Then we went back to sleep and woke up again at a more reasonable hour 9:45a. I headed off to big town to get more fish boxes and have lunch with JM (my girl friend who is the mom to Baby G) at the Hospital. I got to the first store at 11:25a, just ontime, hoping the seafood manager there hadn’t chucked the boxes out yet, man she is a real pill! Well I get in and am pleasant as can be with her (big smile, super friendly) and as soon as she recognizes me, she bristles up and gives me all this head swingin’ hand waggin’ attitude. I mean I don’t know what this ladies deal is, she’s been like this since the beginning. So I look at her and am thinking man I just wanna punch her in the face, but I know that won’t get me anywhere so I just smile at her, get a little closer to her and say (as sweet as sugar) “Oh! We are just trying to get the boxes out of the trash system to help with our environment and we appreciate that you allow us to have them, I hope it isn’t a problem for you.” this hits her off balance so to speak and I think she is thrown for a minute, then she says “Oh, I have no problems giving them to you, but I already threw them out today.” and I say “Oh! B told us that they didn’t get thrown out till 11:30a” this immediately bristles he up again and she snaps back ” Well HE isn’t the boss, I AM!” I just look at her all sorry puppy dog eyes and say “I am sorry, I just meant that if another time would be bette, just tell us and we will be here at whatever time is good for you, we aren’t trying to make anyone mad or cause any problems” this gets her again and she becomes less hostile and a tad bit friendlier saying “well just call us first, so you don’t have to drive all the way out here for no reason, let me write the number down for you. Because I don’t want to keep them so long and if you don’t show up they attract flies…” Now I know what your thinking, she’s just trying to get it so that I don’t get ANY boxes, and I was having NONE of that, so I just smile and say “Well when are your delivery days? And don’t worry I will DEFINITELY come get them! I am not trying to get you or anyone in trouble. I will be happy to always come on those days by 11:30a if you can just hold the boxes for me, I will definitely come in and get them.” now she’s backed into a corner, if she says no, she looks bad for the environment and looks like smuck, but she really wants to say no. So I just keep talking, “What time works for you? I am happy to come anytime you say is good!” (Big smiles still plastered to my face) and she (looking like she’s feeling bad that she was such a b$%^#) says “You know I’m sorry I threw the boxes away today, I was off the last few days and totally forgot, but if you come on Thursday, definitely, I will hold them for you, I can even put them in the cooler so they don’t attract flies, see you thursday.” (and she actually smiled!! I WON!!! I defeated the beast that was the seafood manager at that grocery store!! So that totally made my day, I finally go through to that horrible woman that J totally thinks hates us. Well she still probably does, but at least I get the boxes now! Kill ’em with kindness! I’m becoming a better human already. So of course no luck with boxes at that store today, but I am set for thursday, So I head over to the Old Shaw’s, where the manager M is totally nice and has always been willing to save boxes for us, he even got in trouble for it once and is still willing to do it, M is the coolest! Well he gives me the few he has and says he’ll be happy to save me what he’s got for Thursday pickup in the morning. Then off to the New Shaws, to see the N in the seafood department, she lights up all smiles when she seems me come over and says ” I have a TON of boxes for you!” N totally makes my day, she tells me to hang out and she’ll bring ’em out the produce door for me! So I thank her a million and confirm with her she can save boxes for us for Thursday pick-up also, and head out to the car to load up. A nice guy sees me struggling to push the two carts and offers to help with one, I say sure and we head over to the car, He wanders off after that. I pack up the car and head over to JoAnn’s for some yarn to keep myself occupied while I wait for JM in the Lobby of the hospital. JM went to quit her job today and we are having lunch in the lobby to celebrate! She met up with me on the 3rd floor lobby and we chat and eat lunch and I crochet and she tells me about life and babies and I tell her about life and life. It was quite fabulous. Two hours later, my time flies, and we part ways with promises to meet again on Thursday at her house for lunch and chat session and crocheting and babies. I head home, on the way I call SM and ask if she is game for Thursday as well? Of Course she is!! Pysched that I get to hang out with my two bestest friends I head up to the dome with J and chat his ear off all the way. I made it back just in time, as the heavens open up and the rain tumbles from the sky, well thats a perfect ending to a super day, because now I have an excuse to sit in the lounge chair and crochet my new cool bag. What’s for dinner you ask? Nachos dome grande style! Pot roast chunks, shredded cheddar and brown & wild rice mixture. Tastyness on a plate, better get back to making the chips from scratch see ya tomorrow!

Early Energy Ramblings

Just woke up, cuz J is up, and it always feels weird when he gets out of bed and the temperature changes, then I wake up. So now we are just lounging in our upstairs in our lounge chair room, chatting. So I was checking on my videos on youtube also, since we now have wireless broadband! Anyway, its really amazing to me how people can’t take our sense of humor sometimes. I mean geez people get a grip! I won’t even get into detail about what was said or who said it, but it was totally uncalled for! So I’m just putting a disclaimer at the end of my Q & A videos from now on, its gonna be funny. Well promised this would be short, oh that’s what ramblings mean, they are short simple posts with no frills. Talk to you later.

Craftiness and Other Non-Perishable Items

Today was craft day for my group of awesomely cool females! It was at my friend SM’s house. She super crafty now that I’ve introduced her to the world of sewing machine madness. JM also joined us for Crafty fun with her newborn son who is totally the cutest baby EVER!! We started around 1p. I got there a bit late, oops! But I brough tasty snacks and everyone was happy. J came along too and sat in the living room working on our computers. Mine has been acting up lately and needed to be reformated and have all the programs and OS reinstalled. He is so super for taking care of that. I hung out in the kitchen with the other ladies, talking about babies and crocheting with each other, SM worked on her tote bag present that she is making for her friend. JM and I just crocheted, JM is working on a baby blanket, its super cute and very soft! Well anyway we sat around chatting about that and life and what is new in our lives, since last we all got together. SM is working full-time and seems happy about the money, but well the rest leaves her in want I think :). I hope she finds something she loves doing again, I just want to see her happy. JM seems totally happy with her baby and her new found “stay at home mom/wife” status. She’s so cute and calm and loving to her little one. We told her over and over that she is such a good mom. I can see her having like 5 kids one of these days. I just filled the girls in on my new blog and vids and my new found craftyness hobby Crocheting. Not much else really going on. Did you know that babies cannot see farther than 8-10 inches when they are born thru the first few weeks? And they only see black and white!! WOAH! that was cool, I didn’t know that, I just learned that today! Baby G (that’s JM’s baby son) is at the age where he can now see 12-24 inches, man its really cool how much babies are still growing outside the womb! Okay well anyway so craft day was super fun, SM got her bag all finished, except the lining and I think JM is on the finishing edges of the blanket. Me, I didn’t get much accomplished, but I was too excited to see my friends, that it really didn’t matter anyway to me. So now I’m just uploading vids and questions and answers stuff…then left over potroast and brown rice for dinner, mmmmm….see ya later.

The Demo of Death

Today was pretty enlightening…NOT!! I had this demo to do for this energy/calorie burning beverage. It was horrible. No one wanted to try it, I couldn’t even give away free cans of it, kinda reminded me of a bad horror movie… Anyway so I finally got out of there, 6 hours later, feeling like I should be hopped up on caffeine after that experience. I only tried a wee little bit, enough to get the awful taste slathered all over my tongue, but not enough to vomit it up. Well anyway then I grabbed some garlic bagel chips, mmmm, yea and that cleared that issue right up. Not much else to do, so I decided to surf around on the internet checking out silly girls and their profiles, man people are totally ridiculous these days, well maybe I’ll find some friends soon…hopefully. As long as they show up and call when they say they will, that would be a good start. I just want some reliable girl friends to hang out with, is that too much to ask?? Oh and so after I got home J and I headed over to Home Depot to get some plywood to put on the Dome so we can insulate it before winter hits, man I am excited about that!! We also scored some free carrots, potatoes and onions with purchase of a 3lb pork roast that was 2.49/lb, man that was a sweet deal. Well we got home, used our dirt road that J dug out last summer, and I had to get out part of the way, because I was getting truck sick. So I walked the last couple hundred feet, no biggie. Put together some tastyness with the pork roast, and now we are curling up to some Stargate Atlantis Season 2 and Sleep!! Oh I can’t wait for tomorrow, its gonna be fun, CRAFT DAY at Sarah’s!!! YAYAYAYYAYAY…. Sweet dreams.

Food Demos

mmmm…food demos! heading off to work one now. Will write more later. Hope you guys are having a super day! J’s at home getting truckasaurus up the road!

The Simplicity of Mashed Potatoes

I love mashed potatoes! I think if I had to choose one food to survive on for a month that would be it, mashed potatoes. Mmmm, just thinking about them makes me happy. I mean think about all the tasty things you can add to them, garlic, butter, cheese, chives, sourcream, milk, all that and then I’m sure there are even more things. Well I’m sure you understand….okay off to make dinner, yay mashed potatos for dinner!! 🙂 mmmmmm.

Morning Sunshine

Today it was supposed to be sunny… ummm, yea, so anyway. Not sure what is up with these ridiculous meteorologist’s they can’t seem to ever get the weather right. I mean I could probably send my 4 year old out there to give me a better prediction, well if I had a 4 year old, but I don’t, what am I saying I don’t even have a kid, well there is J. I guess he acts like a kid sometimes, maybe I should just start sending him out there to check the weather, hahahaha. Okay yea so anyway. Back to the subject at hand! Oh wait there isn’t one… I’m just cooking breakfast over a sterno, man I love sterno. Oh make sure you come visit me later for updates on sillyness. I’m making fried bologna, eggs and toast, hopefully, not sure if it will get hot enough for that, we’ll see. Keeping my fingers crossed. Its really cold outside today, I think its supposed to get into the 30’s tonite, brrrr. Oh so Ontara still hasn’t written back or called, man I really hope things are okay for her, I mean if she is really where she is and something bad happened, I’d feel awful, but I’m sure she’s just peaced out for a bit, we’ll probably hear back from her like a month from now, some silly excuse, man girls are so lame sometimes. Oh yea, I know what you’re thinking… “well YOUR a girl”, well yea maybe I am, but I’ve been getting better at not being lame and I think I out of all people should be able to call people out on their lameness! Okay bye.

Late Nite Ramblings

Its about 2 minutes past midnite and I just finished uploading another video for J. He has some awesome videos of me being totally ridiculous, and of course he’s in them too! HAHAHHAHA! Okay so its late and I’m just finishing up with uploading some pics and stuff onto Oh if you want to see my channel, click on the big picture of me to the right, it’ll take you right there. Oh and if you made it here from my channel, you rock! We’ll make sure you become part of the herd to the right, by becoming a follower. I need more followers. Thanks for coming to check this out, I will try to blog regularly if you guys comment along… Tah Tah for now kiddies….


Wishy-Washy Girls Drive me Nutz

So J & I have been getting better at communicating with each other, its pretty nice! We can actually hang out and do things and not fight with each other or stress each other out. Lately we’ve been making friends with this girl online we’ll call her Ontara for all intensive purposes. Anyway, so Ontara and I have been exchanging emails over the past week and getting to know each other, she met J first through this friend site we are on. So they became friends back in March I think. Anyway, so Ontara and I are becoming friends and its really cool how much we have in common and stuff like that. The funny thing about becoming close to someone online is the gamble you take of them being who they say they are. So since we are just internet friends all three of us, its a bit hard to know if she is real and if we are. Well she knows we are because we have our own channel and we have had it for a while and most of the stuff on the channel is not stuff you’d make up easily, so she’s been checking that out. The thing about her is that she has nothing…nada, no facebook, myspace, friendster, youtube, nothing. Seems a little strange to you too huh? Well I ask her about it and she says well I am purging, got rid of all that stuff, she sends me a few pics and has sent a few to J, thats cool, I guess. I mean pics can be whatever you want right? Well I’m sure they are her, I mean they are pretty but nothing that looks out of the ordinary. So I suggest well hey lets vid chat on yahoo or something and she seems cool with that, says she will get the vid and headset and we can talk with her tomorrow or this week as soon as she’s set. Mind you we’ve spoken to her on the phone a few times already. She says she will call that nite, and emails that she will call in 20 mins or so, doesn’t. Today haven’t heard from her. Actually come to think of it, haven’t heard from her since that email. So it gets me thinking, is this girl for real? Is she really that unreliable? Hmmm… Part of me, the part that really likes her and thinks she’d be a cool friend thinks, man I hope nothing happened to her. But we’ve been down this road before with her and she just flakes out and doesn’t come through, no call, nothing, just doesn’t show up. So I’m thinking thats just who she is, wishy-washy. I wish she wasn’t that way. J & I were really excited to meet and hang out with her, she seemed like she’d be a good friend for both of us. Now I’m wondering if we’ll ever hear from her again. Is it too much to ask for people to just be who they are and follow through with what they say? Guess so…. too bad.