DIY Makeup Item #2 – Mascara!!

The second item on my list of “Can I make that from scratch easily?”..


I’ve chosen mascara second because it seemed like the next step from eyeliner.  Purusing around the internet for recipes began to make me feel like it might be the trickiest of all the things on my list. It turned out, it’s not that tricky, doesn’t require complex chemistry equations or specific measuring devices.

In fact, for the recipe I chose, I didn’t measure anything at all, thank you very much. 

A few recipes on the internet in hand, I glanced through my cabinets and it turns out, for most of the recipes, I was missing a few key ingredients; Basically all of the items that mattered!! 

Most of the recipes called for a black charcoal or cocoa powder (for brown) or a blend of the two, an oil and aloe vera gel.  Seeing as I wanted to make the mascara now, not in a month, when we get to the mainland to shop again, I started looking for substitution ideas.  I already had the solution to the charcoal powder.  I would just use the black powder from my kajal eyeliner experiment.  I figured out the oil could really be any solid at room temperature oil, so perhaps vegetable shortening would work??

Sweet. Two solutions down, one to go… 

What could I use for aloe? 

It is really necessary??

Low an behold I stumbled upon two separate bloggers who did reviews of all the mascara recipes they could find and they ended up not liking ANY of them, except one!! 


All it took for them was 1 egg yolk and 3-4 activated charcoal tablets, blend well in a glass bowl and pack it into a sterilized tube, viola!

So I got to work, since I would have to make my charcoal powder from scratch. Twenty minutes later and a decent pile of powdery blackness. I collected it into a little cleaned out 2oz plastic makeup pot. ( A reclaimed eye cream container I found in my stash of expired makeup stuff!)

I pulled my egg yolk out of the fridge (I had seperated it from the breakfast eggs that morning, so yep the white was not wasted, in fact it was delicious.) and dropped it into my little jar, perfect fit!

I then began mashing it around with my “ultra super cleaned” finger tip until the powder and yolk were well blend together.  This took about 3 minutes of mixing. Kind of a pain in the bum, honestly.

Once my concoction had reached acceptable darkness colouring, I slathered some onto my cleaned and disenfected reclaimed mascara wand.  Turns out this stuff is globby, slippery and a little goes a LONG way.  I basically put too much on the wand and ended up with a gloppy mess on my lashes.  Since this stuff doesn’t dry super fast, I used the remaining glob on my other eye and rinsed the brush.  I then used the clean brush to even, seperate and touch up the globs and they looked fantastic!!

Yep, that’s what I’m wearing in the photo collage!

I only wear mascara on my upper lashes.

Because I’m a weirdo and that’s how I roll thank you very much.

I think for the next batch, I’m going to add more powdered charcoal and less yolk. Especially since it doesn’t take that much even if you wear it everyday.

If you want more information on how to make your own, google “egg yolk mascara” there are many excellent tutorials on the internet that can speed walk you through the process.

Have a beautiful day. 🙂

DIY Makeup Item #1 – Eyeliner


Let me start by saying… I am not a black eyeliner kinda girl.

For me it has always turned into an over done hooded eye effect that on me, with my big blue eyes, is not really that appealing.  By the end of the day it generally has degenerated to a look that could pass for really bad hangover and a bar fight that led to two black eyes. 


Not really my cup of tea. 

But after doing a lot of “research” on the internet, I felt like it would be a good starting point.  Create a good black eyeliner and I’d be opening doors of possibilities to other eye makeup extravaganza.  Worst case I’d end up with black fingers and nails for a week and no worse for wear.  So with undaunted determination I dove into the world of “homemade kajal” tutorials and never looked back.

Folks, let me tell you, there are many, MANY kajal/kohl tutorials out there. 

Some are in perfect English, others in broken English, some not even in English (but they have lots of photos so you get the point of the operation going down).  Essentially to make this deeply exotic concoction of blackness you need approximately 8 items. 

A metal plate (preferably one you are not sentimentally attached to, as it’s going to be coated in the stuff on the bottom)
Two metal flat bottom bowls…to place said plate on top of (think bridge over water and you get the idea)
A small metal bowl …you are going to turn into a “stove” (don’t worry it won’t be permanent and is completely cleanable…heh heh heh.)
A burnable item …preferrably non-toxic (this will either be an unwound cotton ball or piece of cotton cloth diped in castor oil, or in my case an almond or a walnut, yep you read that right)
A flame creator…no not like hugging up to your significant other or an x-rated movie (i.e. lighter, match, gas stove lit, etc.)
A scraping item (blunt knife, spoon, metal letter opener.)
An empty makeup pot with lid (suggested type is metal with a well fitted lid, think metal lipgloss container)
Some ghee oil (What?!?!? In leue of ghee you can use coconut oil, shea butter, vegetable shortening, lard, basically any kind of oil that will solidify at room temperature. Yeah internet research intern (Google), good find!! Don’t worry you only need a little)

Once you’ve collected and placed your items in the directed organised fashion, the fun begins.  In a draft-free room, you can now light that burnable item, place it in the “stove” (ensuring flame is touching plate, if not adjust stove height so it is) and walk away!!

Okay just kidding about walking away.

Well at least I couldn’t walk away, seeing as I have two delightfully curious kiddos under 5. (other ladies apparently let their cotton/oil creations burn overnight)

Once you’ve accumulated a nice thick undercoating of soot (please check the plate is cool first) pick the plate up and scrape all that glorious powdery blackness onto a paper.  Word to the wise, do this in a DRAFT-FREE room. Oh I mentioned that already? Imagine how I have forgotten. Since doing this near the window that looks out at that beautiful view of the carribean sounded like such a good idea at first. I must have forgotten that little gem of advice during my experimentation. Didn’t want you to make the same mistake, because it is slightly disasterious if you do.

Gently pick up the paper and fold it lengthwise to get the powder to fall into the center and pour it into your clean dry, airtight pot. Did I mention doing this in a draft-free room?


Just checking.

Drop a 1/16 of a teaspoon of chosen oil into pot containing your soot. No it doesn’t have to be exact. You may use more, you may use less. See a tutorial for more specifics.

Now go to town blending with your chosen sacrificial finger tip. Yep. You can say bye to that beautifully cleaned finger for a while.  



As an aside….You will need an eyeliner brush or stick to apply…a q-tip will do in a pinch.

Yes the mixing process will blacken your fingertip, nail and possibly anything else in the vicinity of your speedy attempt at mixing this faster, whilst powdery blackness rains on the countertop of your kitchen.

I may be speaking from experience folks…maybe.

No there is really no other solution I could find, especially NOT those clear plastic disposable glove you happened upon in the storage room…because let’s face it, holes don’t keep stuff out.

Don’t worry though! You will not be left blackened finger forever. It comes off with soap…and time.

It’s only a week of ONE blackened finger tip!!

Geez people where’s your inner drive to succeed at all cost??

Hey whats a little sacrifice in the name of beauty??  Heh heh heh.

And that’s it folks!

It looks quite marvelous actually.  Has me rethinking the whole no black eyeliner thing….maybe…

Have a beautiful day!

Adventures in DIY Makeup


I’ve started a new quest!

Yep that’s right, it’s a quest!

Because it is and that’s that.

This quest is to figure out if it’s possible to make all makeup at home with ingredients I ACTUALLY HAVE at home.  I don’t want to buy all kinds of fancy clays and special oils, gels or activated capsules of something.  I want to use stuff I could actually buy at the local stores here and potentially grow myself.

I know it must be possible.


Personally, I don’t wear makeup often.

There are TONS of questionable chemicals in those sparkly little packages of colour and I have no idea how they will affect my body or health, so yeah, no thanks.

If I do use it, I’ll typcially only partake in a smidgen of mascara and light glazing of tinted lipgloss.  I have an organic mascara and tinted lipgloss that I feel safe enough wearing. But they are expensive and I feel like I should be able to make them myself dangit!!

There are also times where I’d love to slap on a little foundation, add a little colour to my cheeks and eyes.  You know, get prettyfied. 🙂

Just for the heck of it.

Because I can. 😉

Let the quest begin!

Now what can I make first??

Have a beautiful day!

Clue #2
Easy Knit Choice B


I’m going on to clue #2.

Clue #2 Here!!
Clue #2 Here!!

I made a mistake on the previous clue and ended up with two rows of blue….

Maybe I’ll keep that pattern, but I’m not crazy about it, I’ve been thinking about using different colours.


Today I moved on to clue #2. K and I decided to choose the same stitch again, choice B-Easy Knitting, Shingle Stitch. I chose brown this time . After downloading the video instructions for the stitch, I was ready to get started. Aurora joined me in watching the video and I followed along with my project.

Oooo... So nice!
Oooo… So nice!

By the end of the evening I’d completed 1 set and 4 rows.

Woo Hoo!


Looking forward to Clue 3 on Tuesday.

Have a crafty day!

Clue # 1
Beginner Knitting Option A

What to do?

When I looked through the choices under clue #1 I was presented with a few decisions….

Knit or Crochet? A,B or C?
Knit or Crochet? A,B or C?

First, would I crochet or would I knit?  Second, would I choose beginner, easy or intermediate?

Hmmm…After a brief consultation with my friend K online, we had decided we wanted to do this KCAL together.  So I picked Knitting and so did K!!  

While some of you may remember I’m a professional crocheted (yep! I’ve had a store online AND actually sold things I’ve made crocheted and sewn). This time after looking through all the choices, I decided I wanted to learn something new.  Knitting!  

A few years back (alright maybe 5ish years ago now), J’s mom aka Other Momma (to my girls), patiently sat on the patio of the Dome and taught me how to knit.  Since that time, I’ve completed one knitted project, which I blogged about at the time, for Aurora…which has since gone missing.  That being said, I felt it was time to focus and conquer my ridiculous fear of knitting.

Clue #1 , here we go!

I chose letter A (beginner knitting) under the knitting options of clue #1 and went to work.  I downloaded the four short videos accompanying the beginner section, casting on, knitting, purling, and .  I downloaded the pattern sheet and went in search of the needed supplies.For this project I would need a pair of MATCHING knitting needles around size 8 (I only found 6’s and they are working just fine), some yarn of worsted weight ( I stuffed a few colours in my bag and walked out of my closet, ended up picking green to start), a pair of scissors and a tape measure (thanks to O.M. I have a magnetic one now!).

I sat down on the couch during quiet time and began watching the video tutorials.  Starting with the cable cast on and (once mastered) moving through knitting and pulling.  Even Aurora came and watched those last two.  After which, I got opened the pattern and got started….seems to be going pretty well.  Even Aurora started her own “knotting” project.

Yeah we're knitting!!
Yeah we’re knitting!!

By the end of the day yesterday I was 5 sets in to clue #1 and getting a bit bored. Plus, let’s face it, I’m never going to wear a long scarf here, so I decided to make this more as a sampler of all the stitches I can learn.  So I’m thinking about what to do next.  

Halfway through Clue #1
Halfway through Clue #1

I completed 6 sets and finished off with 2 rows of the garter stitch (in blue) last night. Today I plan on watching the videos for the “easy” choice under clue 1 and either adding that, or starting another “sampler” of all “easy” stitches and then the same for all “intermediate” stitches”.  Then using them as wall art!

Now what colour do I want to choose?  


Have a crafty day!


Mystery Knit/Crochet – A – Long

Back at the beginning of August, I signed up for a mystery knit/crochet-a-long over at the Bernat website.  It stated that it would start in September and emails would be sent out when it began.  A month went by and I completely forgot about.

Then a yesterday I got an email stating “Clue #2” for the mystery KCAL.  I thought to myseff.  Weird, I don’t remember getting “Clue #1” and at the same time I thought.  Sweet! I had forgetten all about this awesome event.

So I spent the next 3 minutes looking through my trash bin in my email, and sure enough, it had been deleted by accident.  Oops!  I happily opened up the email and perused through the clue #1 and read the accompanying little story.  This looks like it’s gonna be sweet.

Let's Get Started!!
Let’s Get Started!!

Also, even if you are new to kniting or crocheting or both, have no fear! Bernat has created a wonderful tutorial video for every stitch they give us in the KCAL.  They videos are clear, concise and easy to follow along.  Even my daughters (4&2yr olds) sat captivated by the knitting instruction. Ha!

You don’t have to buy anything, you don’t even have to use any specific type/colour/size of anything.  Just pick a hook or needles up that you are familiar with and a pretty colour of worsted weight yarn and let’s get started.

Let the fun begin.

Have a beautiful day


Who Am I?


I completed the “Who am I?” meditation today!!

Here were my results (two pages):

My "findings".
My “findings”.

When keeping my mind from wandering I find picturing a stationary object works best for me. In this situation I used the image of a candle on a table, lit, with a chair. The rest of the room was in darkness. There was a soft glow around the table from the light, but everything else in shadow. Everytime my mind would wander to something else, I would repeat the word candle and start “describing” the candle through my inner sight.

Next week, I’m going to talk about the next exercise for what I plan to DO with this discovered insight.

Until then…

Focus on Creating YOUR Life.

Have a beautiful day!


Football Season Snacktime:
Crostini Bar/Table

Football season is here.

Today’s game: NYJ at GB.


It is time for our family to stick with healthy snacking/meals throughout the numerous tv games. The crostini bar/table is great for game time. Its easy to prepare different pates if you have a good food processor. With a head of broccoli cut up to fit inside the food processor I let it roar adding olive oil, vinegar, pepper, garlic, onion powder, salt, maybe mustard so its spreadable. The same with cauliflower, though the texture may be coarser, so steam it prior to processing for a smoother mash like potatoes effect.

Today, the cauliflower, one yellow squash and some onion were steamed and cooled. Into the food processor it went along with olive oil, vinegar, pepper, and saffron.

Sorry but no measurements, I just do it.

Today's mushroom pate included olives, vinegar, and fresh parsley picked from right outside my front door.
Today’s mushroom pate included olives, vinegar, and fresh parsley picked from right outside my front door.

Instead of toasted Italian bread, I bring out the dippable chips or crackers for spread.

Dip Dip Hooray!

Who am I?

Who am I?

I’ve been asking myself this question for a while now.

It generally pops into my head unexpectedly and I think for a moment, hmmmm.

… nope, not today, don’t know the answer…

… and quickly shove it back into the depths.

Maybe you’ve been at this point as well.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who know without a doubt, who you are.

I know without a doubt that I am confused… scared… afraid…

Afraid to change, afraid to forge my own path, afraid to ask the questions that need asking, afraid to answer them or seek the answers.


I am fearful.

Why am I fearful?

Because life is uncertainty. It is a series of risks we take in hopes of finding the path to fulfillment…And that’s scary.

What if I’m wrong?

What if I’m right?

What if I don’t have the answers?

What difference does it make?

I challenge myself and those reading this, to figure it out, to take that leap into the unknown to ask the great question “Who am I?”, to find the answer and create that person.

That’s right…

CREATE that person.

Stop wasting your life “searching”…

You ARE that person. Make that person who YOU want to be… AWESOME.


Start DOING…

Let’s all try this activity at some point this weekend.
First collect a few things for your adventure :
A blanket
A water bottle
A snack
An empty journal or piece of paper.
A non erasable writing implement
Yourself in comfortable clothing.

Now let’s get started.

Find a quiet spot to visit, where you can be uninterrupted for 30 minutes at least.
Lay out your blanket and set out your supplies near you.
Lay down on the blanket, flat.
Close your eyes and start focusing on your breathing.
4 count inhale through your nose
8 count exhale through the nose
Complete that exercise 5 times or until you feel a sense of calm if it seems you are enjoying it.
Return to natural breathing.
Keep your focus on the present, your breathing.
If you feel your mind wandering, gently guide it back to your breathing.
Continue this exercise for at least approximately 5 minutes or until your mind is able to stay focused on your breathing with minimal guidance.
Slowly open your eyes and sit up, staying focused on breathing still.
Take a sip of water and eat a little snack.
Open the journal or get paper, and pick up pen. (still focused on breath)
Now ask yourself this question: (outloud if you like)
Who am I?
We write down the things that flow into your mind. Do not discriminate or judge, just write.
Even if the words make no sense or seem unconnected. Focus on the question. Keep writing until you’ve exhausted the answers.

See you next time…

Have a beautiful day!


Apple-Pear Sauce

This recipe was inspired by the fact that we had an abundance of pears AND apples in our fruit box delivery these past few weeks. Aurora has decided she won’t eat these two fruit items whole, so what’s a mom to do?? Turn them into a toddler favourite! Apple-sauce!! Yum! She loves it, J loves it and it goes great in and on all sorts of things! Also its is super easy to make and modify!

Basic Apple-Pear Sauce

Apples (any kind will do as long as they are not tart, unless you like that sort of thing, then be my guest 🙂
Pears (any type will do, just try to pick a type that you like and the size is comparable to the apple you choose)

Equipment Needed
Cutting board
Compost bucket ( to put your cores and peels into)
Stiring spoon or fork (I use a fork to test for doneness at the same time 🙂 )
Glass Jar with fitted lid (recycle a glass jar/lid from the jam you finished last nite 😉

1.Peel, core and cube/dice your fruit. Compost the remnants. Fruit ratio is 3 to 1 (apples to pears). For instance if you are using 3 medium apples, you would need 1 medium pear or 2 small pears. 🙂 I use approximately 8-10 really small apples and 2-3 medium/small pears. I find this will fill a 12oz jar and leave extra to eat right away.
2.Put the prepared fruit in the saucepan, making sure there is about a 2″ clearance from top, if not, get a bigger pot.
3.Fill a saucepan (size dependant on how much fruit you are using) with enough water to just cover the fruit, don’t put too much water, else you will have to drain a lot of your flavour at the end.
4.Put the pot on the stove over high heat until the water starts to boil vigorously, boil like this for 2 minutes and turn temp to low. Simmer fruit for about 30-45 minutes.
5.Remove from heat and let cool for about 10-15 minutes, pour into jar(s) and store in cold area (or your refrigerator).

Eat what wouldn’t fit in the jars as a treat for all your hard work, share some with your family if there is enough.

Use within a few weeks. This stuff doesn’t last long in my house, so I’m not sure about the shelf life :).
Goes great on home made crepes, as a side dish for lunch or in my strawberry apple cupcake recipe! 🙂