People & Feelings

Ultimately it doesn’t matter to me if you read my blog or don’t.  I am not writing this for YOU, I am writing what I feel for myself to get it off MY mind.  Its nice to get it out of my head.  There is also the upside that perhaps there is someone else out there who also has gone through something similiar and then we can connect or they can feel better knowing they are not the only one who goes through it.

I do not endorse making rude comments to people, calling people names, saying nasty mean things about people, etc.  But if you do, thats cool, just leave my blog and keep it to yourself.  I have feelings, I am a human being, mother, sister, daughter and friend.  I don’t need to know that you hate me or think I suck or am the ugliest person you’ve ever met.  Because lets face it, I don’t know you and you’ve probably never met me.  So how about we agree to disagree and keep our negative and malicious comments to our selves.  Because I’m sure that you have a mother, sister, daughter or friend out there doing their own thing too, blogging, videos or website and I am sure you wouldn’t call them nasty, mean or distasteful things and probably wouldn’t appreciate it if I did. 

So please keep that in mind when you feel compelled to leave comment on my blog, I don’t appreciate it anymore than they do.  If you don’t like what I’m typing or putting up on my youtube channel, THEN DON’T READ IT AND/OR DON’T WATCH IT!!!!  No one is forcing you.  And quite frankly I don’t really want people in my world, blog, or youtube page who are gonna treat people with disrespect anyway.



  1. Anonymous


    I wish you guys were my friends. I have a Table Saw!!!!

    Duh, Jamie don't need no table saw. He saws logs in half with his fingernails.

    Seriously though. You are awesome and make me smile.

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