Seafood Madness & Crochet Hysteria

Today was fun, I woke up at 6:15a!! Hung out in the lounge chair area on the second floor with J, while he played on the internet with youboob and stuff…Then we went back to sleep and woke up again at a more reasonable hour 9:45a. I headed off to big town to get more fish boxes and have lunch with JM (my girl friend who is the mom to Baby G) at the Hospital. I got to the first store at 11:25a, just ontime, hoping the seafood manager there hadn’t chucked the boxes out yet, man she is a real pill! Well I get in and am pleasant as can be with her (big smile, super friendly) and as soon as she recognizes me, she bristles up and gives me all this head swingin’ hand waggin’ attitude. I mean I don’t know what this ladies deal is, she’s been like this since the beginning. So I look at her and am thinking man I just wanna punch her in the face, but I know that won’t get me anywhere so I just smile at her, get a little closer to her and say (as sweet as sugar) “Oh! We are just trying to get the boxes out of the trash system to help with our environment and we appreciate that you allow us to have them, I hope it isn’t a problem for you.” this hits her off balance so to speak and I think she is thrown for a minute, then she says “Oh, I have no problems giving them to you, but I already threw them out today.” and I say “Oh! B told us that they didn’t get thrown out till 11:30a” this immediately bristles he up again and she snaps back ” Well HE isn’t the boss, I AM!” I just look at her all sorry puppy dog eyes and say “I am sorry, I just meant that if another time would be bette, just tell us and we will be here at whatever time is good for you, we aren’t trying to make anyone mad or cause any problems” this gets her again and she becomes less hostile and a tad bit friendlier saying “well just call us first, so you don’t have to drive all the way out here for no reason, let me write the number down for you. Because I don’t want to keep them so long and if you don’t show up they attract flies…” Now I know what your thinking, she’s just trying to get it so that I don’t get ANY boxes, and I was having NONE of that, so I just smile and say “Well when are your delivery days? And don’t worry I will DEFINITELY come get them! I am not trying to get you or anyone in trouble. I will be happy to always come on those days by 11:30a if you can just hold the boxes for me, I will definitely come in and get them.” now she’s backed into a corner, if she says no, she looks bad for the environment and looks like smuck, but she really wants to say no. So I just keep talking, “What time works for you? I am happy to come anytime you say is good!” (Big smiles still plastered to my face) and she (looking like she’s feeling bad that she was such a b$%^#) says “You know I’m sorry I threw the boxes away today, I was off the last few days and totally forgot, but if you come on Thursday, definitely, I will hold them for you, I can even put them in the cooler so they don’t attract flies, see you thursday.” (and she actually smiled!! I WON!!! I defeated the beast that was the seafood manager at that grocery store!! So that totally made my day, I finally go through to that horrible woman that J totally thinks hates us. Well she still probably does, but at least I get the boxes now! Kill ’em with kindness! I’m becoming a better human already. So of course no luck with boxes at that store today, but I am set for thursday, So I head over to the Old Shaw’s, where the manager M is totally nice and has always been willing to save boxes for us, he even got in trouble for it once and is still willing to do it, M is the coolest! Well he gives me the few he has and says he’ll be happy to save me what he’s got for Thursday pickup in the morning. Then off to the New Shaws, to see the N in the seafood department, she lights up all smiles when she seems me come over and says ” I have a TON of boxes for you!” N totally makes my day, she tells me to hang out and she’ll bring ’em out the produce door for me! So I thank her a million and confirm with her she can save boxes for us for Thursday pick-up also, and head out to the car to load up. A nice guy sees me struggling to push the two carts and offers to help with one, I say sure and we head over to the car, He wanders off after that. I pack up the car and head over to JoAnn’s for some yarn to keep myself occupied while I wait for JM in the Lobby of the hospital. JM went to quit her job today and we are having lunch in the lobby to celebrate! She met up with me on the 3rd floor lobby and we chat and eat lunch and I crochet and she tells me about life and babies and I tell her about life and life. It was quite fabulous. Two hours later, my time flies, and we part ways with promises to meet again on Thursday at her house for lunch and chat session and crocheting and babies. I head home, on the way I call SM and ask if she is game for Thursday as well? Of Course she is!! Pysched that I get to hang out with my two bestest friends I head up to the dome with J and chat his ear off all the way. I made it back just in time, as the heavens open up and the rain tumbles from the sky, well thats a perfect ending to a super day, because now I have an excuse to sit in the lounge chair and crochet my new cool bag. What’s for dinner you ask? Nachos dome grande style! Pot roast chunks, shredded cheddar and brown & wild rice mixture. Tastyness on a plate, better get back to making the chips from scratch see ya tomorrow!