Spiritual but not Religious

Several months ago, I stumbled across a blogger who wrote about women living well.  In fact that is the name of her blog.  It’s a great blog for the christian woman.  Full of supportive, happy, encouraging bits of wisdom gleaned from biblical references and translating them for you! My sweet sister.
I’ve since passed this site on to lots of my girl friends who are christian and would benefit from a whole online community of support.
I am not one of these women.  While I love the concepts they talk about, loving your partner, loving your family, following the Proverbs 31 wifely description.  I wondered, is there a blog out there that provides this same type of encouragement, without the christianity aspect being prevalent.  
It seems as if there really isn’t.  There are lots of doctors sites out their touting the “you too can be happy” if you follow these steps.  But no real women only bloggers that are happy and supportive and encouraging, non-religious.
Please correct me if I’m wrong, I would be happy to be directed to a blogger like this, with no god, jesus and the holy spirit references ever other sentence.  
I’m going to keep looking. 


  1. Morgan Catha

    I've noticed this too! I've drawn a lot of inspiration from male bloggers and Youtubers (like Jaimie!) over the years who offer constructive approaches to life. I'm sorry that women have fewer secular positive examples. Please let us know if you figure out why this is.

    Also, the music on your blog is fucking awesome. What is it?

  2. Dashaina Giggles

    @M. Washington Freeman
    The music is from Zombies and Doughnuts the game! It's at the bottom of the screen.

    I guess I'm going to have to start that inspirational blog… yikes!

    Thanks for posting… made my day.

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