Super Awesomest Mega Day… Okay well it was close…

So today I made friends with a super cool girl from one of preg sites and I think we are gonna get along really well.  She’s due around the same time as I am, so we can relate to each other really well right now.. Anyway I was writing an email to her and it inspired me to write a blog tonite before going to bed….

I found out some neat stuff today… First I have discovered this cool technique called “hypnobirth” and, after doing some research on it, have decided that I am going to use this tool while in labor and in general while pregnant or in life, etc.  So I did a little “google searching” or googling as we’ve all termed it, and found a super great therapist in my area who specializes in this type of hypno therapy among other super great types of hypnosis.  Now I have an appointment to see her on May 6th and I will tell you all about it then!  I had a phone interview with her today and she sounds fantastic, so I’m pretty excited about it!

Next I found a cool pregnant girl person who lives near me and is willing to be my friend, well at least over email, and then she’ll meet me and run away screaming…hahahhaa just kidding.  No seriously she seems very cool and into the same stuff J and I are into, and her hubby seems cool with J’s vids and he’s probably watching them as we speak, which is awesome, because we really need more cool people like us to hang out with! 

Third our friend Loplease is coming out to visit us with her Baby B!!  We haven’t seen her since she got married ( a little over a year ago) and have not met Baby B yet, so we are very excited to see her tomorrow!  Now I have to go pick up my pack n play from SM’s house so Baby B has a place to slumber.  I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!

Also, I got a JOB!!!  Can you believe it, ME, actually going someplace and working for an hourly wage doing normal work type things?  Yea me neither, so I skipped all that nonsense and got a job as a window girl at a roadside diner. Its gonna be a BLAST!! I can’t wait, I start there tomorrow too! 

Oh and I made J a hat yesterday too!  Here’s a pic…and I think he totally loves it!  I love this pic, but I’m a bit bias so anyway… The hat is crocheted, bucket style and made with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in Camo-Multi color.  He picked out the color.  I was fairly impressed with how well it turned out and it fit him really well…so hopefully he wears it and loves it.. I think I’m gonna have to make one out of cotton though for the summer so it keep moisture away and is cooler in temperature while he’s outside.  We’ll see what I can find in the same color scheme. 

On that same note, crochet, I finished all the parts to my baby mobile today too! Man can I tell you it came out superly awesome adorable!  I also magically have a picture of it too!  This whole project was pretty quick.  I think it took me a total of 6 hours to complete, I’m thinking about putting this up on my website any price suggestions or comments before I do?  It is really pretty when put together, I’ll get a shot of it the way I am going to use it and one of how I would connect it for sale. Since I don’t have multiple motor parts on hand.
I also have been working on a crocheted stacking toy that I found the pattern for on Lionbrand Yarn’s website, it is super cute and I can’t wait to finish the other pieces, but I will give you this pic so you can see the progress so far. I considered selling these too, but they are sooooo time consuming that I don’t think I could charge a fair price that makes them worth my while to create…know what I mean.  The post and base took about 6 hours total and the first ring took about 3 hours.  I still have two more rings to make, so add that up and I spent a whopping 15 hours!!  A blanket is understandable but a toy, well I just don’t think it would work out. But here is a photo of it, and man is it CUTE!!! 
Okay well thats all I have for you today folks… super things tomorrow…super things!!
Sleep Tight kids….


  1. johnnyman

    Glad to see you are posting stuff again, was worried you just gave up! As for selling your items, take a look at Etsy… they get a lot of traffic and I have a friend who makes journals and she sells them like crazy there. Again, glad to see vids and blogposts coming from you! Hope you, J and B are all doing well! – artistKeith

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