Wishy-Washy Girls Drive me Nutz

So J & I have been getting better at communicating with each other, its pretty nice! We can actually hang out and do things and not fight with each other or stress each other out. Lately we’ve been making friends with this girl online we’ll call her Ontara for all intensive purposes. Anyway, so Ontara and I have been exchanging emails over the past week and getting to know each other, she met J first through this friend site we are on. So they became friends back in March I think. Anyway, so Ontara and I are becoming friends and its really cool how much we have in common and stuff like that. The funny thing about becoming close to someone online is the gamble you take of them being who they say they are. So since we are just internet friends all three of us, its a bit hard to know if she is real and if we are. Well she knows we are because we have our own youtube.com channel and we have had it for a while and most of the stuff on the channel is not stuff you’d make up easily, so she’s been checking that out. The thing about her is that she has nothing…nada, no facebook, myspace, friendster, youtube, nothing. Seems a little strange to you too huh? Well I ask her about it and she says well I am purging, got rid of all that stuff, she sends me a few pics and has sent a few to J, thats cool, I guess. I mean pics can be whatever you want right? Well I’m sure they are her, I mean they are pretty but nothing that looks out of the ordinary. So I suggest well hey lets vid chat on yahoo or something and she seems cool with that, says she will get the vid and headset and we can talk with her tomorrow or this week as soon as she’s set. Mind you we’ve spoken to her on the phone a few times already. She says she will call that nite, and emails that she will call in 20 mins or so, doesn’t. Today haven’t heard from her. Actually come to think of it, haven’t heard from her since that email. So it gets me thinking, is this girl for real? Is she really that unreliable? Hmmm… Part of me, the part that really likes her and thinks she’d be a cool friend thinks, man I hope nothing happened to her. But we’ve been down this road before with her and she just flakes out and doesn’t come through, no call, nothing, just doesn’t show up. So I’m thinking thats just who she is, wishy-washy. I wish she wasn’t that way. J & I were really excited to meet and hang out with her, she seemed like she’d be a good friend for both of us. Now I’m wondering if we’ll ever hear from her again. Is it too much to ask for people to just be who they are and follow through with what they say? Guess so…. too bad.


  1. Avril

    Always interesting to hear about how people make friends on-line. Some of the best friends I have are people I have randomly met on-line and I love them to bits. OK my mom found it a bit crazy that I would travel across the Atlantic to visit them but they were totally worth it. I get what you mean about girls being weird. I'm female too and yet find girls are a lot harder to make friends with, guys seem to be a lot more honest and upfront about things and girls seem to play mind games and be rather judgemental for who knows what reason. Hope you guys are doing well. I have been following Jaimies videos on youtube for a while and wish that there were more people like you around. Take care. A

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